The starting point of all achievement is desire.

~Napoleon Hill

The Burn HA! 2009 Oils (sold)
The Burn HA! 2009 Oils (sold)

 Breaking news is SUMMER is happening out there. Here in Oregon for it to be this hot, this sunny and only be June is strange. WA? and I are prepping for a long , hot, dry summer. In the studio it’s quite nice and the sun is welcome in the mornings still. We continue working on our big project, but with both of us Alley adults working day jobs too, the time for art is worked out in-between heat exhaustion (WA? is a horticulturist for Portland Parks and HA! works as an intuitive life coach) and last day of school preparations. See? The life of the living, working, family of artists is so very glam. Be jealous, if you will. 🙂

My Wednesday take stock moment this week is focused on the push. The push to accept and embrace daily grinds. The push to save, restrain and reduce so we can build for a future that isn’t all toil. The push to let go of old stuff, patterns and ways of doing. The push to embrace the new and curious. The push to find a true path to impeccable self care. The push to excel and the push to relax and just be. The push to forward our business and the push to let it grow in due time and space. The push to not be boring. The push to continue to burn. That’s a lot of Push dontcha think?

Learning to be. Learning so much, all the time these days. Feeling like a perpetual, interested student. It’s curious and enlightening. I’ve always been a do-er. The girl that gets shit done. Impossible timelines? No sweat. Need a quick solution to an immediate issue? No problem I gotcha covered.

These days I am still all those things but with a new body that has not gotten the memo that we survived and life should just resume after cancer as it was before. The Push was the central focus back then. Today I observe the push more than I participate. Don’t get me wrong, I am still the girl who gets shit done. These days it just seems less important to get worked up about any of it. This adjustment phase of cancer is very interesting and sometimes confusing. In so many ways I want to close the door, turn the page and let go of the whole experience and get on with the living, already. I am different on this side though. Different things matter to me now. My days are just getting used to NOT being counted. Numbered. Clocks ticking. Bombs waiting to burst. These days fly by so fast now. Some days I swear the earth is spinning faster, because I feel like there is never enough time for it all.

Yesterday WA? came home from a long, hot day at work, sweaty and dirt streaked and smiling like the cat that got the canary. He said it had been a so-so day, lots of work got done, all was well. The end of the day he found himself at one his parks checking sprinklers. It’s one of the parks that the splash pads were shut down and the pool still is expensive to go to even for the middle class kids. This isn’t one of the middle class hoods though. He stood there watching the little kids playing in the sun and sweating. In a moment he decided that the sprinklers adjacent to the playground needed checking…and turned them on. The kids went wild, shrieking and running for the field, in joy. The parents either joined their kids or took a moment to breathe. He said he could feel the whole park sigh with happiness at the moment.  Parks are special places. Parks want people in them, happy and being healthy. WA? was so pleased at the accidental joy, he savored the moment and brought a little of it home to share. Last thing he said last night before the snoring began, “those kids were so happy, I can still hear them laughing.”

Now that, my friends, is something worth pushing for isn’t it? Accidental Joy? How about bringing Joy? What if we pushed a little every day…for JOY. Simple. Easy. Effortless. Joy.

My joy is found in so many places these days. My mind never is bored. My heart no longer restless. My soul peaceful and curious. It’s a simple freedom.

I’ll take it.

Have a wonderful day everyone, see you Friday for the feature of the week. Be well. Push Joy.


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  1. JunkChuck
    June 10, 2016

    Beautiful. No wonder all the stuff I’ve looked at from you is sold!

    1. HA!
      June 10, 2016

      lol thanks! I hope you find something you like that’s available, if you do give me a holler and we will fix you right up with your art! 🙂


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