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WA? 2015 Oils 16" x 20" Doppler Shift 1 $300.00 USD
WA? 2015 Oils 16″ x 20″ Doppler Shift 1 $300.00 USD

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Doppler Shift 1

WA? 2015 oils 16″ x 20″

$300.00 USD FREE SHIPPING inside USA

(Feature Friday is a weekly event where we pick a painting from the available inventory and talk about it in more detail)

This weeks Feature Friday is from WA? “Doppler Shift 1”. This work is a wonderful play of light, color and seemingly moving parts. As you move around the room, in changing lighting, the whole canvas seems to reflect your physical movements with a rippling, bending, and shifting of light. Vibrant, warm orange and verdant greens play with yellow and violet blue hues. It’s delightful to live with in the studio, I enjoy it very much in the mornings with the early light and coffee. In the evenings, in low light, it reassuringly, gently glows, reminding me that tomorrow is all possibility, kissing in the dark.

Prints and products are available as well over at the Red Bubble page.

Have a great weekend and thank you for being here today we appreciate you. 🙂


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