I see my path, I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing is what inspires me to travel it.

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So, it’s Wednesday, all day I hear. 

I am working on moving the muse from her hidden room in the basement (she likes it down there, it’s quiet) to the upstairs where some creative insanity could occur. (with the right amount of coffee, chocolate and sex…she’s  easily excitable).

Building web sites, making market choices and talking/taking business risks have worn me plum out. I feel really accomplished that we were able to make all our goals happen and within the time frames we had given ourselves, we freaking rock as a team. I am really proud of us both, we have worked really hard on this, on us, on our family and it was hard work. I love you Bill Alley, there isn’t anyplace I would rather be. I am grateful for this love., this life. 

Rambling thoughts this morning…

 I  know I need time at the easel. It’s right over there, humming softly to me.

I paint because I have too. I would paint if no one ever saw them; even if I had never sold a one. I paint to explain (to myself) the world/reality that I experience. It’s not your world. It’s not your reality, it’s mine. I want to resonate with the universe…that creative energy bubbling and brewing in my marrow. I can feel it when I approach a new canvas and when I listen to the old ones. The feel, the muscle memory of paintbrush in hand, mind open, music up, heart racing…could this be the moment that my work comes together for my personal masterwork?  Usually, it’s still practicing for the masterwork…but there are moments when I am just the witness, watching. Watching the brush go from palette to canvas, seemingly on it’s own. Is it me, the person in this body making those marks? Am I the one? How do I know this is mine? It’s like those moments when you arrive home, pull into the driveway, turn off the car and can’t remember anything about getting there. I am here and somewhere else too…it’s all very quantum.

So, today I take a break from marketing and pushing to share/show the work, making art sales, and doing anything for outside validation at all. I shall just go bust some ass at the easel and see what happens. They tell me that’s what the pro’s do.

Someone should probably come over here and feed me  cookies and vodka coz I hear it’s Wednesday all day out there and I plan to create a world in the studio where it’s 5 o’clock and Friday at all times…so yeah, cookies and vodka…might just be the ticket to that world.

Big love y’all.  HA!


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