Welcome to Tuesday! What are you doing today?

owl 001artwork: HA! 2009 Who Me?

Hey y’all, happy Tuesday. What are you up to today?

Me? Swell of you to ask…Well…I am taking a stroll down memory lane with my work from the last 17 years of professionally painting my heart out. I made a page to share some of the older stuff and allow a place for my patrons to find and reconnect with me.

You see…in the past three years I have been through some changes. I had cancer, thought I was gonna die, which made me pull out of my business so I could concentrate on healing. In that time I met the love of my life…the one and only, Mr. Alley (WA? to y’all) and he was on the other side of the country from where I was living ,at the time. We fell in love while I was doing my treatments for the cancer war. He asked me to marry him and I hopped the first flight out to the Great NW and hitched myself to his wagon, gladly. Then 3 months later we found out I was in first remission, then 6 months later cancer free. Now isn’t that a nice story? 🙂

Now we are planning on world domination…well no, not world domination, per say…but something similar. We have been gifted time and health, we will use it wisely and with all the passion we can muster. So, if ya get bored today and wanna look at a bunch of sold work I’ve done over the years (this is a wave to all my patrons who will find their works here…Howdy!) you can  check it out HERE.  

Have a great day everyone, thanks for being here.

Who me? Yeah I better shake a tail-feather on the living out loud thing for today….coz you just never know.

<3 HA!

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