New Series is born…

Hey y’all, it’s been awhile I know….but I’ve been busy creating new work and having a life…so you know, that is that. Let’s get on with the show shall we? This is what I’ve been doing….let me know what you think or feel if you would, please. I am feeling pretty excited about this new direction, I’m dreaming of the work and painting my dreams.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for being here today.


The whole bunch of them at once
The whole bunch of them at once
Untitled #1 16" x 20" oils HA! 2015
Untitled #1 16″ x 20″ oils HA! 2015
Untitled #2 oils 18" x 24" HA! 2015
Untitled #2 oils 18″ x 24″ HA! 2015
group 004
Untitled #3 24″ x 30″ oils HA! 2015
Untitled #4 oils 24" x 26" HA! 2015
Untitled #4 oils 24″ x 26″ HA! 2015

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