HAWA! Poetry Wednesday

Welcome to HAWA! Poetry Wednesday. My husband and I write a poetry journal to document our journey together and every Wednesday I post a page from our archives to share. We have communicated through prose with each other for over 25 years. We talk about everything going on in our lives in this way. We hope you enjoy.

  Today I offer up one of WA!’s most recent poems that when I read it, visuals appeared in my head.  I present to you line by line what I saw when I read his words that day. A visual poem and the written word….is there anything more sublime? Maybe…might run a close second… ice cream and orgasm’s…but that would be it, I think.  🙂 HA!

October 28, 2014

Blue green busyness filling spaces between,


The burnt orange bursts of occurrence,


Flashes of titanium white ideas,


Edges blurred before grey ideals.

Tower of power copyright 2004 by HMBT
Tower of power copyright 2004 by HA!

What is real?


WA! (c) 2014


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