A hen-roost is manifestly the most perfect monarchical state. Friday

rocky mccocelspur HA! 2014
Artwork: Rocky McCockelspur oils HA! 2012
A hen-roost is manifestly the most perfect monarchical state. No king can compare to a cock. It is not by vanity that he walks proudly in the midst of his people. If the enemy approaches he does not order his subjects to get themselves killed for him by virtue of his sure knowledge and absolute power: he advances himself, keeps his hens behind him, and fights to the death. If he is the victor it is he who sings the Te Deum. In private life there is nothing so courteous, so upright, so disinterested. He has all the virtues. If he has a grain of wheat or a worm in his royal beak, he gives it to the first of his subjects who presents herself. In short, Solomon in his harem did not compare to a farmyard cock. ~ Voltaire
Happy Friday. Yeah… it’s time to birthday party weekend down here at my place, my youngest son is 16. Have a great weekend everyone, see ya on the other side.

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