Thursday. Rebellion. I refuse the throwback. What’s New Now?

behave HA! 2014

artwork: Behave! HA! oils 2010 (sold)

Screw all that social media throw back Thursday shit.  I feel the rebellion rising when I wake thinking what can I throwback too? I mean really? I get it…but I don’t wanna so that’s that.

Instead I’m gonna post my newest work. So…it’s what’s NEW Thursday here at HA! Studio.

Here ya go.

sixteens swirl HA! 2014

sixteens swirl HA! 2014

Sixteen Swirl #1 from the NEW SERIES “The People” oils and mixed media 16″ x 20″ HA! 2014

Boom. It has begun. There is a new series and this is the first completed work from it. There are 6 more waiting in the wings being developed. I am happy with the direction. I have this series being born all by itself and one body of work that is a planned effort in progress as well. It’s a wonderful mix of the unexpected and the goal oriented. I’m all in.

Have a great day in this NOW.




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