Sit down Rodney. Keep your brains warm. It’s Tuesday.

Sit down Rodney. Keep your brains warm.
Derek ‘Del boy’ Trotter

gears HA! 2014

All artwork: from the A.I.M. series (c) 2008 HA!

Tuesday, the stage is yours. Ahem! Thank you.

Change…the ever present thought of Tuesdays for me of late. I seem to be reflective on this day more than any other…I wonder what that means? If anything…it’s interesting to me anyway. I am more curious about everything these days. I find that it keeps the blood pressure in check to react, to life, with curiosity rather than the more base emotions, first anyway. The emotion (whatever it is) is the information system (that animating force aka spirit) of the body telling the brain stuff it needs to know and the body needs to either protect, alter or conform to. I’m still working on my ability to accept those moments in life where I keep my fucking pie hole shut and my face in neutral…for the betterment of all mankind. Meltdowns are a rare occurrence in these days. Peace is a choice that I make each morning anew. A promise to myself that I will remain curious about my experiences and interactions with others, instead of reactionary and offended.

glovesandslavery HA! 2014

The thing is…I still feel all the emotions. They all rise and fill my brain with images and thoughts and swirling eddies of pain. I feel them sweep though me like a river and if I can hold my meat in check I usually find a not so slippery rock to stand on till the rush passes by and clarity can revel the bridge I need.

I am accepting that if I don’t want to do a thing (whatever that is) that is reason enough not to do it. I don’t have to do it. I have the power to choose. I can say no…and sometimes I can weigh that thing (whatever it is) and say Yes I will do it for it will be worth it. That’s fucking freedom right there man, I tell you. No justification is required, outside of the generative yes or no. The body tells me thru  visceral experience if its a yes or no and I am learning to listen.

experience HA! 2014

I am off to boogie in the studio I am excited again about working. Good feelings there, boy howdy. So, I think I’ll wallow around in the feel good of my muse and see what happens to the new painting that’s evolving. Big Love to all….have a great day.








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