Monday. Eyes open, no fear. Art, poetry, news and weather.

Hello and good Monday to ya. Today’s art offering is a poem written by WA! and a painting that is starting (WIP) from me…in response to our favorite daily weather/news report. We write poetry/create art about everything going on in our lives and minds, these are a good examples of that. I hope you enjoy and have a great day. 🙂


cosmic spiral ha2014

October 16, 2014

Eyes open no fear

fates a fickle friend.

Little thing given weight,

out of scale, out of date.

While stars turn and churn,

matter formed then flung.

No consideration given

it can all be undone.

Eyes open no fear.

Breathing Aristotle’s air

tasting sunshines glare,

while little worries

take their place

alongside the path

of our whole race.

Eyes open no fear.

WA! (c) 2014


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