You’re the bastard who stole my drugs Friday night. And I’ll find you. Oh, yes.

sunnydaze HA! 2014

Artwork: in the Header “seasons of love 2” and the one directly above is “sunny daze” HA! (c) 2014

Hey you! It’s Friday. How you doin?  What’s up out there?

Me? (you ask in my mind, yeah you guys talk to me in my world) well…funny you should ask…I am getting a first time day today! I am 45 now so first times are getting to be a rare thing in this life. When they happen I try to make the most of the experience. Today, I get to celebrate my husbands birthday, for the very first time. Not just as his wife or friend, either. We  are new to each other and we have a 25 year history too. Its a strange but wonderful experience. So, today I get to celebrate my best friend and the lover I have always wanted. I get to say Happy Birthday to the man I love for the very first time. I get to make him his dinner and a cake and love on him for the first time. There will not be another like this.  I love everything about this moment in time and I say Thank You Universe.  So, have a great Friday and a stellar weekend. Huzzah for First Times!


here’s the full quote from the title…I loved it.

“Did you ever want to set someone’s head on fire, just to see what it looked like? Did you ever stand in the street and think to yourself, I could make that nun go blind just by giving her a kiss? Did you ever lay out plans for stitching babies and stray cats into a Perfect New Human? Did you ever stand naked surrounded by people who want your gleaming sperm, squirting frankincense, soma and testosterone from every pore? If so, then you’re the bastard who stole my drugs Friday night. And I’ll find you. Oh, yes.”
Warren Ellis, Transmetropolitan, Vol. 5: Lonely City    

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