Boom. Saturday. Deal with it.

Good day to ya. 🙂 I have had a wonderful morning of power outages, unexpected work schedule changes and other general life complications.  So, in order to regain balance  I went to the art file. I was drawn to the “Choir Girl” series.  This series is all about my connection to “religion” and my true, natural spiritualty. I enjoyed church as a child…well I enjoyed the music at church maybe not all of the other stuff. I still to this day, tear up or get the chills when people gather and sing. It’s magical. I see their colors change and merge and flow (upwards into the source?). I have always seen peoples “colors”. I have always known and talked to my God. We may not always see eye to eye…but we get along pretty good. I see the grand creator in nature and in humans when they are enthralled by doing their passions and talents.  I see God in everything and everyone…same goes with art.

  I guess its not really a surprise that I ended up (after all that schooling and effort making…in other areas of professional life making) as an Artist and a  Intuitive Life Coach. Nope not surprising.  I’m a self taught artist…and almost 20 years in I am still learning.  So anyway…This collection sold out, no prints were made and there are about 15 or so in the series, they are now spread around the globe…I just posted a few of my favorites, in no particular order.

Surrender (c) 2014 HA! oils (sold)
Surrender (c) 2014 HA! oils (sold)

In looking back I remembered who I am again. Grounded…the struggle to maintain  equilibrium produces growth. I am here and problems to solve is one of my greatest thrills in living and I am good at it. So…on with the show. Fuck it all. I am bulletproof.  I kicked ass, solved the problems and bought donuts too. I rocked this shit, left and right. I am awesome like that. yup.


The LongNeck Sisters 36" x 24" oils
The LongNeck Sisters 36″ x 24″ oils  (sold)

If anyone needs me I will be out back in my tree fort fishing for whales.  My work here is done. That is all. Carry on and have a delightful day.


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