Tis Thursday My Love, what shall we get up to today?

october 010

Hello sunshine. What’s up? How’s life in your world?

owl1 (c) HMBT 2010

I’m feeling my wise owl self today, so, here is an owl I did back in the Birds series.

thickandthin1 (C) 2014 HA!

This painting is called Thick and Thin. I’m also feeling this today.

Bray On ACEO

I might have a jackass moment…and any time, everything is possible.

set it on fire (c) HA! 2014

I will probably set some stuff on fire today…you know how I love to play with matches. I will burn some more of the past. Creative lunacy will ensue, I am sure. It usually does. It’s a good thing. Another log for the fire please!

Full Painting (c) 2014 HA!
SUMMERS goddess (c) 2014 HA!

Maybe I’ll just remember the Goddess and be grateful for the day, come what may. Say, thank you and come again.

"Courage to Change" by Heather Brown Truman

Big Giant LOVE to you all and thanks for stopping by today. New art is on the way but jeeeze…it takes time,  people. 🙂

That is all. Carry on. Have a great day.


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