I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment. ~Chagall

october 009

Happy Monday. It was a beautiful weekend. How was yours?

october 019

I have a crazy busy 7 days coming up. What’s up this week for you?

october 039

These are pictures I took while visiting my Mother in Law’s house. She is the bomb. I am blessed. Her house is in the woods and Bill has done the landscaping, it feels like the most comfortable park at her place. Magical and healing. I love my weekly visit to Mom’s house. It’s relaxing and beautiful.

october 030

I am learning to use my fancy pants camera. I think lots of stuff is interesting but the camera doesn’t always agree with me. I am getting better though, with  lots of practice.

october 026

Hope you have a productive and satisfying day today. I know I will. That’s all for today, be well.

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