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HAWA! Poetry with pictures from our shared sacred alter:)



iphone pictures september 479

June 12, 2014

I will be honest,

I am not a perfect being,

pain and misery,

have foiled my youthful ambition.

Striving has left me hungry.

I will be honest,

I  thought I had to know love,

only to learn I was still searching,

for love to find me.

I will be honest,

I have little to offer,

besides my soul bared,

my unheard truths,

awaiting the listener.

I will be honest,

to you,


I will be honest.

WA! (c) 2014

iphone pictures september 473


June 12, 2014

I will be honest…it’s not easy to accept love,

after a lifetime of forced marches,

subverted free will and comfortable prisons.

I will be honest…it’s not easy to hold so much love,

compassion and understanding for

everyone but myself.

I will be honest…it’s not easy to understand

the actions of hearts that say words like forever

and don’t worry,

only to later become liars.

I’ll be honest…it’s not easy to love this

bag of bones, this incarnation

of will and force of being.

I’ll be honest…my name is

victory and I love you.

HA! (c) 2014

iphone pictures september 488

September 2, 2014

The new begins

work tired bones

beats kept in time

butterflies swallowed

mantras delivered

wisdom distributed

love dispersed.

Clarion calls to

hold the line

and the new begins,


HA! (c) 2014

Have a wonderful day.

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