Another week in the Hole. Happy Friday

and one arty farty angle shot just for fun
Tangled Hope (c) 2008 HA! oils


Tangled Hope oils copyright HMBT 2009
Tangled Hope oils copyright HA!2008


Hello world and happy Friday. We did it. We did all the things we did and didn’t want to do this week and we kicked ass. You rocked it, yeah me too…we rocked it.  Right on, good on us. I’m leaving for the weekend with my new husband for our very first ever night away together (sans children). Camping at the river and in the woods. It’ll be awesome, last chance for the summer here.  Staying with some friends of my Mate Man and I’m excited to get to meet new people…again. Moving cross country to marry the love of your life and starting over in a new world, with all new people and a new family…super fuck fun I tell ya. 🙂 I’m uber into it.

The painting above is still available BTW, I never released it for sale because it was an important work to me at the time. Tangled hope…it’s a visual poem. It’s a 24″ x 18″ canvas and it’s oils. If you think it might be your painting, just give me a shout out here and let’s talk about it. 🙂 I hope you enjoy.



Thanks for being here today. Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya on the flip side. Be well.

Big Love, HA!


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