Monday check in and some Poetry too


Air of Revolution (c) 2011 HA
Air of Revolution (c) 2011 HA

Hey Hey People…Happy Monday. Here we are again, another work week begins and the work of living continues. Whoo Hoo Huzzah! I have artwork churning, day job burning, children rearing, love growing, problem solving and setting shit on fire, going on up in here. Yes sir. So…shake a tail feather baby, lets see what falls outta the tree today shall we? Have a good one all. HA!


Here is a poem I wrote for my love…I am writing again….it’s a beautiful thing.
July 21, 2014
For the last many months
given the opportunity to
fear of separation that lies
formed by echoes, past
ancient pain, perceived
Echoes, which if cast
Create doubt, hesitancy
Press Beyond
greater understanding of
personal nature
into life in which you truly
fearless extension into
Loving Union
ancient shadows fall away
that was always there
the reality of our many
days and lives to come.
True Nature.
HA! (c) 2014

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