WIP….AKA…”aaahhhhhh…paint and poetry”.

Happy Friday 🙂 Here’s some sneak peaks at the WIP…I am lost in color and form and feeling. Creative insanity, it’s when I’m at my best. Huzzah!  I also threw in a poem (that I wrote for the love of my life)…what the hell I’m all the way in, why not join me?  It’s good up in here…really good.  Enjoy your day everyone…welcome the moons of Libra!

September 3, 2014 

Resplendent accuracy

breathing bone dust

patience filled calabash bowls on the sill

dawn crests over thirsty greens

elusive ambition cloaked

icy fire electric blue

determinations birth day

blood soaked and tear stained

we greet the illusion

mouths full of grace.

HA! (c) 2014








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