New work from the New Studio!! Hello Bay City, MI. BAD! Kitty Lives!!!!

“Let It Go” SOLD


16″ x 20″ x 1″

Let it go started with the enlightening thought, the words, the very simple words….it’s not your fault. How powerful, how healing, how simple and wonderful. We all carry something around, something that we need to let go of, so we can be free. Not everything is your fault. Are we accountable as humans? Of course, but let’s be honest, some of the things we carry…they are truly not ours. Sometimes we need not to forgive others, but sometimes we need permission to forgive ourselves. So, let it go, is about that. It’s about letting go of the blame, letting go of the things we can not control, letting go of the need to control, letting go of the self-abuse.  Let it go and be free. You are worth it, so very, very worth it. It’s not your fault.


 “Left Behind”

20″ x 24″ x 2″


Finished sides, ready to hang, deep box canvas

Left Behind is a work about secret emotions. I am working with my emotions this year, in discovery and revelation. I am working through my experiences and letting the art heal its way through my soul and battered spirit. Abandonment is the issue in this work. Emotional, physical and financial abandonment is a burden for the people left behind. If a child deals with abandonment, they can be left behind, in social development, trust development, and the ability to bond with other humans.  Adults dealing with this issue can often find themselves wondering what is wrong with them, why are they left behind, what is the point of trying? It’s devastating and cruel. It’s a life eater. It’s a spirit crusher. This is my way of stepping away from my personal history of abandonment. It’s my promise to myself that I will not abandon those I love, they will never feel that pain from me. I will heal from my own wounds, I will,  and I will work to make the world I live in a better, brighter more beautiful and loving world.  End abandonment today, don’t be a coward in your own life or in the lives of those you love. Stay, work, trust yourselves, and hold tight to your loved ones. Don’t walk away from problems, face them. Your life will be larger and brighter, I promise. If the problems can’t be solved (and sometimes they just can’t) then work to find solutions that protect the family, in love and honesty. Be accountable. Take responsiblity. The answer is never to leave your family alone and wondering if they are loved. That can be very hard to do but folks, that is life sometimes. Embrace the Suck, and lean into to the work. Solve problems don’t run away. That, at least, is a start to ending abandonment for us all.

‘Bubbles Burst”


24″ x 36″ x 2″

Finished sides , ready to hang, needs no frame

Bubbles Burst is a work over another work. It’s a reduction painting, using the underlying painting in bits and a new painting over the top. I really like the way these turn out and I love to do them. The text is from a lyric from a Pink song that I have been listening to quite a lot this year. I am a lesbian. Get over it. I don’t want to burst your bubble but Baby, I was born this way. (Thanks Lady GaGa).

I am not afraid that my higher power, my personal God, the Maker of Me was wrong in His/Her work. I came to this life with all the tools I need to do the job I was put here to do. I don’t need to develop faith in the Maker, I need to strengthen the faith I have in myself. This life, I am finding, is about learning to master the meat in my head. I have this vibrant, rich and whole inner world. In my head things work, people love and don’t leave, and the world accepts me and my family as we deserve, as we have earned by our deeds and actions. In my head the world is a beautiful place and I belong. In this reality, my bubbles are burst all the time. My parade is pissed on. My life is not acceptable, my family not acceptable, my work too provocative. Well world, I hate to burst your bubble, but I am not afraid anymore. My life and love is good. My family is strong and stable and healthy. My work is art, if it’s all easy to understand or everyone likes it…I am NOT doing my JOB. I don’t create artwork to match your curtains, I create art to compliment your life, your spirit, your wounds, your understanding, your success and your failures. I create talismans for living. I create art. I create the story, the record of a life lived…yes, lived out loud. I am Not Scared at all.

This is what happens when you leave the BAD! Kitty alone, with a box of new sharpie’s and a pair of white Croc’s.  Bwahahahahaha!


I hope you all are doing well in your worlds! I am settling into Bay City and the new studio space. The art is starting to really flow and you all should see the return of the old BAD! Kitty. New works are coming and new shows are being booked. I will be posting again on a weekly basis. I am updating the websites, and the blog. We are bringing the sexy back to BAD! Kitty and life is good again. I want to deeply thank all my patrons for their support during this long dark year in my life and to say to the world at large…Watch out BAD! Kitty is Back.

Love to you all, let us know if these new works belong to you.

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