New Work- Everything is Perfect Now



“Everything is Perfect Now”

16″ x 20″ x 1″

Oils and Mixed Media on canvas

Gallery wrapped canvas, painted sides, no need for frame…comes ready to hang out of the box

This work is fun. I tried to think of what to say about it and honestly I felt good, I was happy and having fun and my personal life is pretty darn good right now….so there you have it. I am working on my abstracts a little more so that I can follow through with my agents suggestion that I work a little harder on this area of my work. I like abstract work, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t practice the style very often…and when I do them they sell right away. So, my agent suggested recently when I was bemoaning my lack of muse…to work without a real purpose, feel don’t think, let it come as it does and don’t over think it too much. So this is the third one in the new “abstract emotions” series. He was right of course, (tip of the hat to you Mike) it has helped the more serious work to come easier and it is also great for my brain pan.  It’s all good.

I hope this post finds all my friends and family and patrons good and well. Hope everyone is having a great summer time. 🙂

Love to all…raw & radiant,


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