Hello world, BAD! Kitty here, let’s talk, you got a minute?

Hello wide world, BAD! Kitty here and I have a few updates for you…and maybe more, we will see what comes.

The family of  Brown Truman’s have relocated to the quaint little town of Bay City, MI. We were in Lexington, KY for the last 6 years, and that experience changed the family in drastic ways. Before that we were in the Beaverton, OR. area for many years. So, you may be asking….why Bay City, MI.? (I like to think you all would ask that anyway, humor me here).

My new life partner is from this area and has family and friends here. It’s the cutest little town, on the water, ever.  She is an accomplished chef and an aspiring restaurateur. There is lots of opportunity here for business, and home ownership and quality schools for the boys. The kids and I went to Kentucky on the premise that we would be buying a home for our family. Well, that didn’t happen for us, the three of us anyway, the ex got his houses, right after he jettisoned his life and family. We were not to live there, it wasn’t our home, it was his. He got to go home. We are looking for ours.

 Our family has lived a lot of places now. We have been in Florida, Mississippi, Oregon, Washington state, Kentucky and now Michigan. We are looking for our place, our home, our community and sanctuary. We like the water. This town is just about postcard cute. I like it here. I like the feeling of the neighborhoods, the people, the town is very pretty and quaint, it has a lot going on, and there are a lot of people here who know and love my partner. What’s not to like about all of that? Snow is the big issue at this point, will I survive this far North? We shall see, we shall see. LOL

With all the changes our family has gone through in the last year, we needed a “do-over”. You know when you were a kid and you were out playing (back in my day that’s what kids did, they went outside and played, mostly unsupervised too, Lord have mercy) anyway, you are playing outside and you swing at a ball or throw a stone for “your turn” and you missed. No big deal back then, you just yelled “do-over!” and you usually got another try at it. Well, in this life I have learned that sometimes a “do-over” is just the ticket. Sometimes places can become contaminated with memory and pain. For myself, I have not ever been able to comfortably handle that kind of emotional endurance race. I mean what can you do with a contamination experience? When beyond your controls life, reality, truths, people just change on you, and minutes later you sit amongst the ruins of what used to be your life 15 minutes before.. Ahhhh, life you sweet bitch….you never even have the tact to ask first. Not even a nod to make sure you are in the game, paying attention, ready to catch that missile that has been launched in your direction…not even noticing that the sun is in your eyes and you are blind…but I am learning to accept that life is like that. Change is the order of the day, and you have choices, oh yes indeed, lots of choices, but you can not avoid pain, or problems. There is no life without a problem to solve. I am learning to really adjust my mind to the situation at hand. I am on track again. I never needed my ex, the three of us were always together, strong and real. The three of us are the chain breakers. We will make the family we have always wanted no matter what. What we are doing now is good. What we are doing now, we do as a team for the best of all of us. We are all considered, we are all valued and we are all free to be and become who we really are. That’s a first for yours truly. I have never given myself permission to really live my life, without apology, true to me. I built a world around the tribe and when the tribe changed I found that I had lost my essential self. The core individual was weakened by years of neglect and oppression. Hey, I won’t lie to you, it’s been a rough year…but I feel bright and raw now. Everything is possible again. It’s a fresh start and I can make it into anything because it’s all possible again. I am no ones wife (obligation slave). I am a free individual choosing daily to be involved with my life and love and work. It’s all possible again and that’s a beauty-full thing.

I am beginning to paint again, it’s really different from everything I have ever done. I am hesitating in bringing it out only because it’s all so raw. You all know after all these years of writing, reading and art making together,  that I can not NOT share, it’s part of it all for me….so it’s coming, it’s coming. Stay tuned for that onslaught.

In the meantime, I have been selling a lot of the studio inventory at sale prices in our Ebay store. We have been doing very well with art and vintage goodies. If you are looking for something cool, we may have it in our store, so check it out, we try to add new and wonderful things every week. Here’s the link to the store: http://stores.ebay.com/badkittyartstudio

Right there at the end of living in Lexington, I was able to meet a bunch of terrific people who I now miss. So, a shout out goes to all my friends in Kentucky…I miss the Poker Parties and friendship, hope you are all well in your lives.

I look forward to meeting the new people in my world, it’s so nice to have a real life…and I want to send a final thanks out my ex for making it all possible, thanks for leaving man…you did us a real solid. 🙂

Have a great day everyone…living Raw and Radiant,



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  1. Pillow Hell Blog
    June 12, 2011

    Kitty Check Throw…

    […] pport living artists, buy some original art today […]…

  2. Jordan Martin
    June 14, 2011

    hey ma,
    MI huh? damn never thought you would go that far north. I love you I miss you tell the boys I love them. Is the number the same? My email is Martinmj1989@hotmail.com.


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