New Art- Feeling Carpy

‘Feeling Carpy’

16″ x 20″

oils and mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Needs no frame, painting extends around edges of painting, comes ready to hang

Will be available for sale on the web site

Hello world, just stopping in and sharing some of the new work that is finished (finally) in the studio. The one above is the one I got the best picture of, my camera is dead! How will I get along without my trusty camera!! *wailing and tearing of hair* Okay…how about if anyone out there…tap, tap, tap; is this thing on?…has a good digital camera they want to trade for art of equal value, if that sounds like you, hit me up here. 

The carp was one of those paintings that just found its own way out. I’ve been feeling under the weather of late and dealing with feeling pretty crappy on a sometimes overwhelming scale for a while now. It sucks big time. So, when I feel bad I try to work and it for the most part doesn’t work…sometimes its because of mechanical failure, like my hands won’t work, or its a: we are doing everything from bed today day,  that’s life some days. Some days its just not possible to work in the studio and work the day job too. And I’ve taken on a big commission, a really fun pin-up girl. I have spent the last three weeks of studio time working on that painting. Carpy was a doodle with charcoal and gesso while resting. I thought it was a little funny that I was laying, in bed,  feeling really crappy and I drew a fugly carp splashing around. I spent a week, just messing around with it little snatches of time and then I spent three weeks just looking at it and hating it, and then I woke up one morning and finished three paintings in one day. It happens like that, when it happens. I ended up really liking the crusty old carp…he makes me smile at the ugly, he makes me grin at the feelings that threaten to rock my world. Just keep swimming, eat off the bottom if you have too, to survive, but just know when you can surface again…you still sparkle and shine in the sun like the living tapestry you are, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to catch or eat that tough old carp…I hear they have a lot of sharp, tiny bones…that will stick in your throat…all bones those fish are.

If this fish belongs to you…let me know and we will get it swimming your way. (couldn’t resist)

Hardy ha-ha.

Raw & Radiant,


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