New Art -Set Free- original oil painting, urban art, outsider art

‘Set Free’

18″ x 24″ x 1″

Oils on gallery wrapped canvas, finished sides, needs no frame and is ready to hang

Will be available on my web site in the 2010 gallery

Here is the quote that helped this work along it’s way:

“I have everything, yet have nothing; and although I possess nothing,
still of nothing am I in want. “

Terence (185 BC – 159 BC), Eunuchus


“I love stuff as much as the next guy, but I’ve come to understand that, regardless of the cost of acquiring it, the price of having it is freedom. “

Colleen Wainwright, Communicatrix


Set Free, I want to be, I am set free. This original oil painting, done in an outsider/urban art style is representative of the act of letting go. Letting go of dogma, tyranny, slavery, and the need to be accepted. Letting all of the anger, fear, worry, and pain, go. Letting go of  wanting, letting go of the need to please. I am letting my work do it’s thing. I am letting the world influence my imagery. I am letting go of fear. I am setting free my inner child to play and create a world I want to live in. I am letting go of the need to express myself in acceptable ways. I am letting go of pretty. I am in free fall, I will learn to fly or bloom where I am planted. I forgive myself for not being, right now, in this moment, perfect.
I am loving. I am free. I am. I choose happy. I choose freedom. I choose to allow. I choose to accept choice and self-control. I choose risk. I choose not knowing. I choose life. I am willing. I am willing to fail. I am willing to succeed. I am willing to be brave. I am willing to love. I am willing to risk. I am willing to be imperfect and grateful. I am willing to be wise. I am not sorry. I am not sorry for living the life that I have. I am not sorry for what I do not have. I am not sorry for being true to me even if that sometimes disappoints people I care about. I am not sorry for being honest, alive and awake. I am not sorry that I am here today with all the trials and tribulations and the moments of darkness and uncertainty. I am not sorry that I am a soul that happens to have a body. I am not sorry that I am free. I am. I am. I am. That is always enough, if I let it be.
Can you see? I have been set free.

I hope you enjoy the work, and thanks for being here today.

Pray for peace,


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