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Go eat a frog by HMBT (C) 2010

Hello world,

I know that this is art blog, so to all of my friends,patrons and fans I humbly ask for your ear and a moment of your time. Please understand that I can’t create easily right now for I am full of emotions, facts and figures. I am speaking of the worldwide crisis that can no longer be classified as and “oil spill”. *Warning there is a smattering of foul language in this post, so if that will offend you, just click away now. I will not-self censor for anyone, and I’m not sorry for my thoughts nor am I being  mean-spirited but this is my blog and I’ll say what I like.*

For right now, I need to have an outlet to the world that allows me to share information, raise awareness, sound the alarms, and release the tension of knowing.

For now that’s what is hijacking my brain pan. I must DO what I can DO. If only to appease my own inner moral code. I am only a single person, in the vastness…it’s hard not to be reminded daily that I am so small in scale and scope. My rage is unable to be directed and it spawns feelings of hopelessness.

I can’t live that way. I just can’t. I have to DO. I have to. Something, damn Anything is better than nothing. I am programmed for love. Fierce love. Warrior class love. Compassionate and unyielding love. How can I manage my mission in this life, (to heal myself and as many others as I can reach, to love one soul at a time back to what we can really be as human beings, a real brotherhood of man) as just me, myself and I? I speak I write. I reasearch, not in a narrow to support my own fears/dogma, but in an inclusive, scare the shit out of you kind of way. The more I know, the more I see, the more the concern for all of us living beings grows.

This morning I woke to a gentle rain falling. Here in Kentucky it’s been hotter than the hinges of hell, with high humidity that makes you sweat in the shower.  So it should have been a soothing thing to wake to. Instead I instantly started thinking about re-covering my organic garden. We have built raised beds and put hoops over them all to extend our seasons here.  It would also serve at this time to re-cover the garden to protect it from whatever is in the rain, that is a result of a system that is currently coming in from the gulf. Isn’t that a sad and scary truth? I makes me feel so fucking angry I could spit nails right now. So to expend the energy in my body, while I wait for the rain to stop so I can go protect the food my family is depending on right now (we are in high harvest and putting away for winter mode) and the future months to come, I am posting this blog with the following links, read, watch and learn about the real world we live in. It’s so important to know, because we have voting season coming up, and we need a new government from the top down. That is he power of the people. Inform yourself, find brand new non party representatives and kick them all the fuck out. Scrap it. Start over. It’s always the same old choice between to evils, and we can change that with courage. We need to shift the paradigm, change isn’t a creeping of kitty cat paws thing. It’s the inferno. It’s revolution.

Here you go. Please add to the knowledge base if you can. I don’t care what “side” you are coming from. I only have one side, the love of all living beings side, so bring what you got. I’ll give all sides of this issue a place, it’s up to you all to make up your own minds. I am only one person and I am mighty. How you doing?

 Exposing the Truth on Gulf Oil Spill
This video is narrated by George Carlin. He says it all!
read this and watch the video on the same page.
Go here

Here is a little proof of prior knowledge or the “let it happen” attitude of Goldman Sachs and a BP executive.
BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill
Read this
Goldman Sachs sold 44% of its BP Stock, Three weeks before the Oil Rig disaster.
Read this
You may end up at this last link via the daily paul.
This is interesting

THE “MYSTERIES” OF THE EXACTING DYNAMICS of Mother Nature have been observed and charted by modern and ancient scientists. Some of it is explainable – Mother Nature often allows murderers (killers by any name) to see their families, spouses, children, cousin, in-laws and servants wither and die before they die, becoming frail, sick, impotent, neurotic, social outcasts, unable to communicate or intercourse socially and economically. These dynamics apply also to “lesser” crimes (sins) than murder, and even when the murderer is dead. She appears to have established a fixed limit to the amount of wealth one may gather as well as the degree and number of anti-social and un-economic, unconscionable, freedoms that one may exercise before these dynamics of extinction are imposed. Did no one ever tell you that the “wages of sin” are death, that we “reap” what we “sow,” and that the rich cannot enter the “kingdom of heaven?” You didn’t believe them? Too bad. Neither ignorance nor innocence are mitigations of the vulnerability in these natural occurrences. You cannot achieve the “Promised Land” with slaughter or inequity but can achieve Hell, suffering and death in a society that will destroy itself. Mother Nature neither loves you, nor hates you. You are simply a flower in her garden, or a weed. She either lets you grow or She plucks you out so that you do not choke to death her work of millions of years, her “garden,” her balance of the inert and the living who harmonize with life. Do not let our pagan rhetoric of refrain you disconcert. It has its purpose.”

~From the pages of: http://john-richardson-meadows.angelfire.com/FINAL_SOLUTION_MANUSCRIPT.doc

So, now that I have some space in my brain, now that I have taken (some of) the things inside my  head and made them tangible I feel a little better. Now I can go make art again.

Love to all, Pray for peace,



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P.S. I have been out to the garden and can not see any visable traces of anything but plain old rain water. This makes me feel better, for now.

This is a link to information about GMO’s and the De-population issues involing Monasto: http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/de-population-conspiracy-involving-monsanto

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  1. Q Smith
    July 16, 2010

    Have we become as bad as this story is showing us to be? We are probably much worse is what really scares me.


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