Home. A movie for the planet. & a Space Movie too!

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Here is a movie that has been made free to all beings, with no copyrights, so that the information can be shared with all, in order to save our home. Earth. Please watch it, and share it around where you can, we have a limited time frame to save ourselves and our planet. Time is of the essence for us all. If you don’t buy the “global warming” argument, that is fine, you don’t have to belive in order for it sill be true. Your belief is not required for it to be true; it is our reality. Take a moment and watch this incredible film, it is so beautiful and meaningful, and very important for us all.
I give you… Home.


Or you can go here: http://www.youtube.com/homeproject
to read, see and share more information about the project itself.

This one is about the universe and the expansion of space itself. If the universe is constanly expanding, then what is it expanding into? Watch this short film to learn more about it all. Have fun, I love learning about this wonderful world….don’t you?

With love for all,



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