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‘Shift Happens’ SOLD







‘The moon always rises’ Sold and on its way to France!

‘Tree of Hearts’ Currently at auction and will sell, it has a bid!

Helllooo & Good Monday to you all. I hope you all enjoyed the V-day holiday . I sure did, my Mate Man is the best Mate Man there ever was or could be. He made it a very special day for me, and I love him even more today then I did yesterday. Pretty good for a couple that’s been together for almost 15 years now. I made a huge and very pretty cake for the family and we ate it all weekend and giggled about it being the best holiday of all, just for the sweets!

Well now, on to the business report; it’s week 5 of the eBay art auction business. The paintings above are the ones that have sold so far. I have now run 5 weeks (7 day auctions) and sold three works. As far as it goes, I am now at 60% profit (over listing and selling fee’s or the cost of doing business) and also at 60% for sales. If the last painting up there sells to the original, current bidder, then this painting will be heading for Singapore when te auction ends on this Wednesday. So, with last weeks auction ending in a painting on its way to France…I’m doing better on International sales than National sales. I’ve posted my auctions Nationally and on the UK eBay too (cost .40 more to post). So far, I’m loving the UK so very much now!  It’s funny really, I’ve always sold more Internationally than I do Nationally, I guess the states just are not ready for me yet. If I could make a sale in the Middle East and Russia, I’d be  complete in my around the world art goal that I set for myself over a decade ago now. LOL, I’ve only got five or six States left in the US to get at least one sale in every state. Watch out world, BAD! Kitty is taking over. I may never get to travel the world and see it all, but my art is almost there. 🙂 The country with the most BAD! Kitty art in it, so far, is Canada. They love me up there, and I love my Canadian art patrons! In the USA the states with the highest number of  paintings are California and New York.  This old BAD! Kitty is not doing too bad, you can see.

The way the stats are looking, from the beginning of this experiment so far: (Listings are all for 7 days each cycle)

week 1: no sales 7 auctions

week 2: 1 sale/1 bid 5 auctions

week 3: no sales 5 auctions

week 4: 1 sale/1 bid 5 auctions

week 5: 1 sale/1 bid (so far, not closed yet) 7 auctions

Now, I’m starting to see traction, more sales  in each listing cycle. Okay, now my new goal will be to try to get more than one sale each cycle AND see if I can get more than one bid for each listing. Bid Wars on eBay are a thing of the past, get over it, you are not going to have bid wars on any work, unless you are very well-known and have a huge ass seller rating. Those things can come with nothing but time and effort. Lots of both and a handful of patience too. So, the fact is that my first goal, accomplished. I am selling artwork again, because it makes me feel good and I like it. I’m still selling at cost, but it feels good to ship paintings again, really, really good.

The next goal is to see more bids per item and maybe have more than one sale per cycle. We will all see here on the blog how that goes and how long it will take to create a trend that is large enough to chart and mark as “done”. The goal that lies waiting after this one, of course, is being able to raise my opening bids to a higher level and then get them. Currently what I see on eBay and the new art business is, getting that opening bid right. Not too low, because you may only get one bid and most likely, you will only get one bid for a long while….so, you gotta at least not give away product without breaking even on the cost to produce and then protect and store, said product. Profit will happen when I can see more bids than just one at my break even price and more than one sale at a time happening regularly. *Oh and don’t forget the time and effort to create those auction templets, picture-taking, copy writing, tag word including time…and how many times it has to be listed/re-listed to sell (costs again). Overall I am doing well and am still interested in finding the center of the eBay lollipop. I am als enjoying documenting it here on the blog so all can see.

There you have it, the BAD! Kitty report.

This weeks mantra: Maxim Action Gets Maxim Results

So, that’s it for now, I’ve got a busy week ahead with the Life Coaching job. I also am working on two new abstract paintings in the studio. I hope to finish at least one of them this week so I can share it with you all soon. Abstract work is something I started my art career with, and then moved away from during the years to “challenge” myself more. Now I just want to recapture that playful, I’m not thinking just doing, feeling again and it’s so very hard! Working to bring back the fun and sexy, saucy artwork that made me feel free and powerful when I created it back in the day….not so easy. I have had to push back all that I have learned and “know” to get back to that place and it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. So, I am still challenging myself and learning more about what makes me tick and tock as an artist in this world. Bring on the beauty and silly willy fun!!  I love being an artist, I really, really do.

Have a great week everyone and I’ll see you on the flip side.


My items on eBay
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