New Art-Incredible Time lapse Nature film (not mine)& a BAD! Kitty update w/ new art that is mine!


‘Overhead View’

18″ x 24″

oils and mixed media (heavy art papers)

back stapled gallery canvas with finished sides, needs no frame.

Ready to hang

To check out this weeks ART AUCTIONS, just go to and type (or copy & paste from here) badkittyartstudio and you will see all the goods!

Here is the quote that helped this work along:

Shadow and Light Source Both

How does a part of the world leave the world?
How does wetness leave water?

Dont’ try to put out fire by throwing on
more fire! Don’t wash a wound with blood.

No matter how fast you run, your shadow
keeps up. Sometimes it’s in front!

Only full overhead sun diminishes your shadow.
But that shadow has been serving you.

What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is
your candle. Your boundaries are your quest.

I could explain this, but it will break the
glass cover on your heart, and there’s no
fixing that.

You must have shadow and light source both.
Listen, and lay your head under the tree of awe.

When from that tree feathers and wings sprout on you,
be quieter than a dove. Don’t even open your mouth for
even a coo.



Good Day everyone! BAD! Kitty here, I know it’s been a while. I have been very busy though so a quick (maybe not so quick actually, because it’s been awhile) update on what’s what.

The new “eBay clear the studio out” project is going along pretty well. I’ve been running weekly art auctions for three weeks now and it’s starting to look up. I’ve decided to post my progress here for anyone that maybe interested in the day by day stuff that goes into a sales campaign like this. Being that this is most certainly not my first rodeo, I thought it might be good to share information. It’s takes at least 6-8 weeks to test market a sales idea for any product, in fact most big scale companies use the 6-8 month strategy. So, I am at week three, improving my auction placement strategy and appearances, blogging, cross-promoting and advertising. Yes it’s a lot of work. So far I’ve had one sale. Not bad.

I figure to clean out the studio of basically 150 paintings, that have come home from shows, galleries and my own heavy production cycles (I paint A LOT, like 4-5 paintings a month). It will take this entire year of weekly art auctions, and all the promoting I can fit in, to clear them out of the studio. In order to do this I am going to at first lose money. Yup, that’s right, lose money. See its like this…to sell art on eBay, every artist has to pretty much check your ego at the door first. The first auctions are to get seen, find your groove, develop your now- in- the-present voice, and start making sales. They have to be target priced to get seen and build that ever important feedback score. So you have to start with low opening bids (now I am doing whole sale cost) which for me is the wholesale cost of the items to create the art itself. Basically I get no payment for the creation at that price it’s just a break even cost of supplies. That number for me, seems to be around 50.00 -100.00 USD. Yes this is not ideal in marketing your art, duh. The thing is it time that you are paying for. Every artist on eBay that sells art regularly and is popular has been at it for a long time. They got to that place using a bunch of different and good market strategies. This is mine.

I have so much accumulated unsold, homeless art, that I can afford to sell this way to get the party started. Does it devalue my work in the overall market place? Nope. Well I am now unrepresented by any gallery, so I can do what ever I want in that way. (not that I’ve ever done anything any other way than my own, er, I am the BAD! Kitty) To be honest the high-priced, gallery representation gig isn’t my thing. I honestly and truly am over it. I don’t think it’s for me, too complicated. 

I am  very simple person, with very simple needs and pleasures. I like to create art. I like to write and read and sell art. I don’t really care about all the rest of it. These things make it possible for me to continue to create and live fully. I have o create, I don’t have a choice, it’s almost a compulsion and most certainly a therapy/release thing, a part of who I am. So, if I make enough money in the process to buy new supplies and keep feeding myself new information to process and inspire than great! I have a day job. I don’t make a living off of my artwork anymore, I do however make enough for supplies and study=learning new skills for expression. That works for me. If I don’t give-up and give-in to the grind of eBay or any other marketing strategy then I doomed to running out of money for continuation of my addiction to art supplies. That can’t happen, perish the thought! I will make more money than I need to cover supplies, eventually, I’m good at what I do and I then make profit. Cool Beans I can live with that.

Two years ago when the market went to hell in a hand basket, I was selling art at a fine market price every week, making money and a living. That has ended. It’s over, and I’ve had to face that and get a good paying day job. OKay, so I did that, we must eat you know art staples don’t taste all that good. So after lots of soul-searching, I’ve decided to try a different tack.

I am re-vamping BAD! Kitty Art Studio. I am lowering costs, cutting overhead, changing my marketing and kick-start a new year. Screw it, what do I have to lose? because this current state of events is soooo not working for me. The web site will get a makeover this week, and prices will be cut, to a cost + labor level.  I will continue the liquidation/sell off with the weekly auctions for one year and re-evaluate then. I will post to you all my progress and chart how long it takes to get to center of the eBay lollipop. I will continue without fanfare about the business of creating and moving forward. When times and circumstances change, I will be ready to do so as well. Bend like the reed, or whatever.

That’s it on that front. Whew! Now to reward you for reading all that stuff n’ fluff, art for the eyes and soul. Enjoy this video on full screen, it’s totally worth it.

Love to all!


Support living artists, buy some original art today.





  1. andrea
    February 6, 2010

    I love your work and I am interested in few of your paintings… I have e-mailed twice with no response! Please contact me so that I might discuss the paintings I like and get them shipped to me.


  2. badkittyartstudio
    February 6, 2010

    Hi Andrea, I sent you an email in private too, but I wanted to adress you here just in case. I have not gotten any emails, so please let me know where you emailed me from so i can fix any problem if there is one. Look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for stopping by here. Have a great day!


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