NEW Art Auctions to start the New Year Right!

Hello All! Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I thought it would be fun to start some art auctions to kick off the new year, so check the links and check them out. They are all 7 day listings,  have no reserves and the bidding is starting at a measly $50.00 each!

These are the works listed on Ebay:

Lola, #1 from the pin-Up Series

Blue Moon

The Ironwood Tree: Bent not Broken

Shift Happens

These works are available at Overstock and have 7 day listings, no reserves and $50.00 opening bids:

Tangled Hope

The Moon Always Rises

City Lights

I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year. Check out the auctions and take this chance to get some kick ass BAD! Kitty Original Art on the cheap. It won’t last long and probably won’t be repeated too often as I only do auctions a few times every year, and never at these prices!

Love and peace to all. Thanks for being here today!


Support living artists, buy some original art today


  1. jafagirls
    January 5, 2010

    woo hoo that tree hands is wonderfully funky, and I like the girl 🙂 Hope you have a GREAT new year.
    Corrine aka Jafabrit

  2. ambiguousartistry
    January 25, 2010

    Oh I love ‘The Moon Always Rises’ such beautiful colours you’ve used and you have a really interesting style.


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