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We are a global community of Artists, Thinkers and Visionaries who share the singular vision of the future of a blissful planet. We recognize our connection to the Universal divine/human element, and through Art we contribute to the momentum of a better world, joining together to form One.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage submissions of ALL forms of creativity that have Conscious Intention to: give, teach, uplift, guide, heal, inform, educate, document, communicate, harmonize, unite, inspire, ignite and illuminate beauty, peace, hope and truth.Please send jpegs/files to:

Include a little introduction to who you are, please 🙂


My Feature:

Stop by and check out my feature at this terrific blog! Being an artist, is more than painting a pretty picture, it’s communion of the soul, a record of living. Being a spirit centered artist, it was so nice to be approached by such a fine person as Erin, and a wonderful visionary artist. A real honor!

Thanks for being here, have a great day!


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