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If you have been “working on yourself” for so long that you are about ready to give up; if you are having difficulty “manifesting things that you would like to have happen in your life; if you have “tried everything” to change and change just isn’t happening, the following may interest you.
It is true, we attract to us that which resonates with what we are carrying within us. This has been known since time immemorial. What has not been known or at least fully understood, until far more recently is that “what we are carrying within us,” is not necessarily only that of which we are conscious.
What this means, ultimately, is that no matter how much conscious work we do – affirmations, intention setting, etc – we can unknowingly be compromised by the programming we received unconsciously both before we were born and in the first few years of our lives. This old programming can often have more influence on our attraction capabilities than we realize. That’s because in the early years of our lives we have not yet developed an ego to censor what we take in and because we have not yet learned to protect ourselves from the projections that were rained upon us by the well meaning adults who tended our growing process. During those early years, our brains and the neural connections within them are growing at an unprecedented rate, one that we never experience again. As infants and children we are veritable sponges, perfect for receiving and retaining programming about every aspect of life even though, consciously, at the time, we have no idea what any of it means.
And, while today we may think we know about the circumstances that surrounded us as we formed in utero and until we were four or five or six years old, it is unlikely that we have the kind of conscious access to that information that would be necessary to make adjustments to our programming. During those years we had neither the vocabulary not the reasoning ability to create the kinds of salient thoughts we can as adults. All we have are feelings and those come without words.
One part of us however does have access to that feeling information and to changing it, at least to some degree: the body. Our bodies hold all the information we have ever had access to. It is information without words, but it is charged with feeling…and, therefore, vibration, vibration that can undermine our best efforts to be who we think we should be. It is information that can only be changed when we are in a state similar to the one we were in when we first acquired the information – that is to say, when we are pretty much unconscious and unaware – when we are asleep.
When we are asleep the Ego we have developed to ensure our comfort, well being and survival, takes a back seat to the wisdom, intelligence and memory of the body. When we are asleep the body works to do what it needs to do to respond to the life we are living and the thoughts we are generating (both consciously and unconsciously). When we are asleep, if we have worked to develop a relationship of trust with the body, the body can learn to change it’s own, seemingly hard-wired, programming.
The Singing Soul program teaches you how to develop this relationship of trust, a bond between you and your body that, over time, can change your relationship to life and eventually change your life itself. It does this through a technique called SleepWork. If you would like more information on this technique that will allow you to make real changes in your life and well-being, a technique that you can use for the rest of your life, just reply to this Email with a request for information.
How do I know SleepWork works? I’m alive. 
The disease I acquired in 1988, progressive systemic sclerosis, aka scleroderma, is both incurable and fatal. There has been no trace of it in my body since 1989. It took me many years and a great deal of healing and inspiration to distill the essence of what I had done to support myself through that process. The Singing Soul is the result of that work. You can reap the benefits of my experience without paying the price I did to get the information. If you really want to bring change to your life, I urge you to consider The Singing Soul program. If you have children, whom you can go on train to do SleepWork, I especially urge you to consider it.
Imagine a world where you and your children can be everything you came here to be.  
With love,


Victoria Pendragon, DD, OMM
Soul Doctor
Inspiration, Information, Transformation
You can’t stop the waves…but you can learn to surf!
Victoria is a wonderful person, a gifted soul doctor and a good friend. I am going to be using her new program myself and was excited by the prospect, so I thought I would share with you all.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
Thanks for being here!

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