New Art- Fop in Lime

Fop in Lime oils original fine art by HMBT copyright 2009
Fop in Lime oils original fine art by HMBT copyright 2009


Fop in Lime

24″ X 18″


Gallery wrapped canvas, finished sides, ready to hang

Available on my web site for purchase

Here is the quote that helped inspire the work:

Being ‘weird’ is one of the most best complements you could ever give someone. If no one in the world was weird, everything would be normal, and that’s boring. Be different. Stand out. Be the sore thumb that got hammered
a couple times by a heavy mallet. Be that sole bird that’s flying in the exact opposite direction everyone else is and hasn’t a clue it’s winter.

~Sarah Palermo

Painting this weird, funny wonderful person; I had such a blast! I imagined her sitting on the beach, wearing a wedge of lime for a hat and sipping Sangria over ice, in the heat. Her makeup all waterproof so it won’t melt off as she sits thinking of strange, off-the-wall questions…pondering the many meanings of this reality and life. I could smell the salt in the air and hear the kids playing and screaming just down the beach a little ways. I imagined I was sitting a little distance off from her, and in the shade of an overhanging rock, I captured her far away thoughts and froze time on the spot. In my world, fruit is also a fashion option. Edible fashion, practical yet fun. It was like taking a vacation painting this work.
I hope you enjoy her too.
If you can’t tell in the picture, this work is rich in color and tone…and fun weirdness. It’s a make you smile and feel good painting. How’s it working? 🙂

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