New Work-The LongNeck Sisters-Who looks inside, awakens.


The LongNeck Sisters oil copyright 2008 HMBT
The LongNeck Sisters oil copyright 2008 HMBT


close up
close up


close up
close up
The Longneck Sisters went out for the Night of Awakening

36″ x 24″ -Oils

Finished sides, no staples

ready to hang

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Here is the quote for this work:

Dare to ask, be willing to listen, and prepare to act. For the vision of our future emerges as the world of spirit awakens.

~Dr. Russell DesMarais


So this is my newest completed work.

I have new people in my world, introducing the LongNeck Sisters. They have gone to the hill top, dressed in their robes of Autumn Song. They are watching the stars appear on a cloudless night. A patchwork blue sky that rolls and moves giving up only glimpses of the velvet veil. They are watching the future happen today. They are the gate keepers of history. They are on the hill top to observe the unfolding, the awakening. Dawn does not come for them, they live for the night and her mystery. Stars are their tea leaves and they divine the spiritual path, the awakening of souls into existence.

That’s all I have so far.

It seems that my work is revolving around building textural worlds, not just a painting anymore, they are stories and adventures I am not having in reality. I think they are more a documentary of one woman’s creative insanity explored…while I hold myself together through this cleaning ritual…Oy! I am feeling the buzz of creative depth returning to my thinking, my absorption rates are much higher, so my return out put is at a higher level overall. I have not managed to squeeze out any more time for the studio with my day job and all, but the time I am spending is of a better quality emotionally. I therefore feel more rewarded and want to come back sooner and do it some more. That’s good. I don’t want to create just because I can, just because I can turn my brain off and go auto pilot and still turn out stuff people like and want to buy…dose not mean I should do that all the time. yes art is a product, but I want my product to be meaningful if only to me while I create it, and that truth isn’t always pretty artwork. It’s nice when it happens, like this painting. It’s really pretty. The robes are rich and deep in color, I went out and gathered leaves of the maple trees around here, and tried to mach it…it’s the most drop dead kick you in the head wonderful burning color. I wanted them to be dressed in the colors of autumn, for real. The blues are extremely clear and sparkly. The heavy brush stroke is great when these paintings dry, because the paint acts like a reflective spark as light moves across it. So, it looks great just standing or sitting looking at it. As you get up and move around the patches of color will reflect the light and sparkle, twinkle and they take on a life like quality. It all depends on the light and angle at that moment. It will aways look different, and I like that…symbolically…it’s not captured thought it’s a living expression.

I hope this post finds everyone fit and fine. I am doing well…it’s been 14 days and no smoking. I want to pull all my own hair out most of the time, but it’s getting better. It’s amazing how much extra time I now have…all the more time to work and wash dishes..woo-hoo. Blech.

I have almost finished the new Monster Suit painting…it’s really fun and I am doing final details now…so I may be able to post that one before weeks end too. Neat-O! I will be painting more monsters, they appeal to the real inner me right now. Grrr!

Have a great day one and all,


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