It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose the cow.

‘Human being, classification: Female’
Laminated collage HMBT (2006)
Available for sale on my web site
My quotes for today:
I assumed that everything would lead to complete failure, but I decided that didn’t matter – that would be my life.
~Jasper Johns
Failure is an opportunity.
If you blame someone else,
there is no end to the blame.
Therefore the Master
her own obligations
and corrects her own mistakes.
She does what she needs to do
and demands nothing of others.
~Source: Tao Te Ching
Nietzche was the one who did the job for me:
At a certain moment in his life, the idea came to him of what he called “the love of your fate.” Whatever your fate is, whatever the hell happens, you say, “This is what I need.”
It may look like a wreck, but go at it as though it were an opportunity, a challenge. If you bring love to that moment — not discouragement — you will find the strength is there.
Any disaster you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege!
This is when the spontaneity of your own nature will have a chance to flow.
Then when looking back at your life, you will see that the moments which seemed to be great failures followed by wreckage were the incidents that shaped the life you have now. You’ll see that this is really true. Nothing can happen to you that is not positive. Even though it looks and feels at the moment like a negative crisis, it is not. The crisis throws you back, and when you are required to exhibit strength, it comes.
Joseph Campbell (1904 – 1987)
So much is happening right  now in the world and here in BAD! Kitty Studio.  We are looking at our current situations with open eyes and trying to see what our opportunities are in this very challenging time. We understand with extreme clarity that our current living situation is long term unsupportable. Even if we have a garden out back, even if we live bare bones, we are one small crisis from economic doom.  We have to downsize to live within our new means.
For a few weeks we have been avoiding facing this reality.
In the last week we have done nothing but focus on it.
We are people of action.
We think, we reason, then we choose a path and make good on taking it.
We are almost to a conclusion. We are looking at our options as challengeing opportunities instead of dreaded facts of loosing.
We have been a part of the unwashed masses since the 9/11 crisis in the economy. We were hit hard by the first mild recession then, and have been working for 8 years to regain footing in that life again. We now surrender to the fact that returning to those days is futile. It too was unsustainable. We now strive to live as simply as possible, without all the modern attachments, and free ourselves of the oppressive slavery of the world of stuff and convenience. It is a noose around our necks. We get it.
Live simple and you may survive, if you are all ready poor in this economy snafu then it just means more poverty, and there ain’t no sin in being poor.
We can only live in suffering poverty if we choose to think that it is suffering. Or we can lower our standards, live in poverty and weather the storm with food and shelter. I think that’s all we can do. The only way this family is going to make it through this next round is if we take care of ourselves. There ain’t no bailout for the already poor.
So, we are thinking and chewing and researching and thinking some more. We like to be ahead of the mass reality, we like to surf the edge of general acceptance. So far it’s kept us alive and well.
Don’t fix what ain’t broke.
Better to be safe than sorry.
Better to be a little early that a little late.
We make our choices without relying on the mass medias information. They are always to late.
So…that’s what’s on my mind today.
Being too poor to be able to afford to wait too long to make choices, because we can’t make it if we let the world make those choices for us, or forces those realities upon us.
Proactive instead of Reactive.
Go Go Gadget Brain.
Oh yeah, the image above is a collage I made a few years into the war in Iraq. The shrouded figure is a Muslim woman clothed in a head to toe burka. I wanted to call attention to the fact that killing women and children and families is wrong, no matter what it’s the name of. I wanted to put a face on mass murder for profit and  in the name of lies.
I also in an effort to stimulate our personal economy (not to mention the electric bill I can’t pay) have taken 13 items and listen them in my ETSY store for under 100.00 each. Fine art for under 100.00, you gotta love that right? Well take a look, you might find something that you really have wanted but couldn’t reach, is now affordable. If not then make me an offer on something you like, I am open to offers of all kinds. Thanks everyone for being here today.

Have a good day all,

This I thought I should share. THe last line is worth watching it for. Thanks Miss D.


  1. BlueJude
    November 12, 2007

    Ahhh, just gesso over the second one and turn it into something else. And be careful with that knife….don’t get too frustrated! lol OH and as far as cookin….have I got a journal page for you! Check out my blog. Have a happy and creative week!

  2. Cynthia
    November 12, 2007

    The second one is not a throw-away – keep it awhile and see what you can do…I liked knife painting when I was painting – it’s fun and liberating when you’re not trying to place a brushstroke just exactly there.The Joseph Campbell quote is right on! Love JC…

  3. San
    November 12, 2007

    What you call the “throwaway” has real potential. There’s primal energy there. Your mountain looks like a big mountain of ice–a huge crystal rising out of an inky ocean. I find that a lot of the fun in painting is going in the direction a “mistake” leads me.

  4. Pavel
    November 12, 2007

    Your are simply amazing! Now, I’m not an artist and am not qualified to judge correctly, but I can imagine that one being a throwaway.I bet you can “get down to it” and come up with something. I can only compare it to the music writing process, and sometimes there’s this solid base which, by itself, isn’t much, but you push and think and tinker, and next thing you know, you have something really awesome.I absolutely LOVE “‘One with her nature.”

  5. HMBT
    November 12, 2007

    Blue: Hey Grrrl! Good thing painting knives are dull…or it would be bloody ovah here!Cynthia: JC rules! Painting with a knife is Waaaay harder than I thought it would be. I have to get into a really weird head space to “see” it like that. It is fun though, you are right.San: Well, maybe…I dunno. I don’t like the flatness of it (the throw away) but I like what you see in it! Primal energy, huh? Really…well…OK maybe! *grins*Pavel: Thank you my friend for your kind words…really you so freaking rock! I’m going to “get down to it” you betcha! I need some solid gold back up singers now and it’ll be perfect! You busy? *Wicked grins!*

  6. Jafabrit
    November 13, 2007

    err, ahem! THe second one a throw away! noooooooooooooo! I love the second one,, the colours, the waves, the lights. The second one gives me the feeling you get when you are consumed by nature, the power of it, that I am just a mere creature. I think it is quite powerful.Love the quotes.

  7. HMBT
    November 13, 2007

    Thanks Jafa! Ok, I’m not going to throw it away. I don’t know what I’ll do with it…but I won’t round file it.

  8. andrea
    November 14, 2007

    These collage pieces are MAGIC. Keep doing them!


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