New Art Auctions-no reserves, low prices, 5 days only

Hello everyone,

I started some new art auctions tonight, I figured what the hell? You never know unless you try right? Well I am trying, so here it goes. I offered up 4 works, (pictured below) all opening bids start at 95.00 USD and have no reserves. Now would be a great time to get yourself a BAD! kitty Original for next to nothing, and feel so good about it knowing that you’ll be helping to keep the lights on at a hardworking living artists studio.





So, it’s the Keep the lights on BAD! Kitty Art Studio Sale, don’t miss it ya’ll. Here’s the link for your shopping ease and pleasure:

BAD! Kitty’s OverStock Art Auctions HERE

Have a great weekend,


Live your Life Out Loud, buy some art from a living artist today

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