New Art- Well Being, Being Well

Well Being, Being Well Oils & Mixed Media by HMBT 2009
Well Being, Being Well Oils & Mixed Media by HMBT 2009


close up on the reds
close up on the reds


close up on the can see the soft blues and purples better in this shot
close up on the can see the soft blues and purples better in this shot


‘Well Being, Being Well’

18″ x 24″

Oils & Mixed Media on canvas

Finished sides, ready to hang

Needs no frame

Here is the quote that motivated the work:

“You never find happiness until you stop looking for it. My greatest happiness consists precisely in doing nothing whatever that is calculated to obtain happiness: and this, in the minds of most people, is the worst possible course… If you ask “what ought to be done” and “what ought not to be done” on earth in order to produce happiness, I answer that these questions do not have an answer. There is no way of determining such things. Yet at the same time, if I cease striving for happiness, the “right’ and the “wrong” at once become apparent all by themselves. Contentment and well-being at once become possible the moment you cease to act with them in view, and if you practice non-doing (wu wei), you will have both happiness and well-being.”

Chuang Tzu (c.360 BC – c. 275 BC)
My new work…I needed to paint this morning, I mean I NEEDED to paint. Leave me alone, don’t talk to me or be near me, let me breathe and think. Grouchy, in pain and nasty tempered I entered the studio. I managed to get some new canvas, because my day job, being an intuitive live coach, has been overwhelming me with work…and because of that a little extra money too. So, I went into the studio, turned on my painting play-list…and stopped thinking. I had a still wet palette from my last painting and so I started with what was left on the pad. When I started adding new color, I closed my eyes, stuck my hand into the paint drawer and pulled out whatever “felt” right. I went on like that for several hours. This is what happened, this simple abstract painting restored my well being, and my faith in being well.
The pictures were hard to get right because the top half is a subtle spring sky in early morning, with all it’s pale yellows, touches of purples and the left over bruises of violet, lavender and blue from the nights embrace.
The bottom is layers of reds, bronze, blacks and yellows. It’s much more vibrant and deep in tone than the pictures will lead you to believe. Don’t be fooled by my poor picture taking skills, this work is rich and deep in tone and texture. Vibrant, yes thats it, vibrant. The  red flat backed marbles are glazed in golden hues and under them a fine spray of broken red, yellow, orange and white glass…finely ground first, of course. (My back feels like it’s made of broken glass, so I had to smash up some for this work, it felt “right”)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I’ve had a terrible time with my pain levels the past two days and was in bed yesterday. I thought I would go mad, because I had new canvas in the studio, calling me. So being able to spend time with me, for me today, was a real blessing. Now that the work is done, I feel much more relaxed and peaceful. I may even be able to rest now. As I have a 70 hour work week starting tomorrow and I need my soul power recharged so that I can be the best coach I can be for my clients. It’s nice work is going so well, right now, I know that I have to take advantage of work being available and take my personal satisfactions from doing good, hard work for people who need me. Studio times have been cut back to a few hours a week and I miss being full time in the studio, so very much, but we need to eat too…so it’s off to work I go everyday. Last week I worked 7 days so add that to this week and I’ve had two days off in the last 12. It’ cool, like I said, but I miss being a full time artist. Art is not selling right now and shows are harder to get than ever, so I gotta do what I gotta do…I have painting supply NEEDS people. 🙂
Anyway, that’s all from me today, I am going to go do my house chores (yay laundry, NOT) and be a good Mom and Partner…sheesh. Then I can lay down my weary back and legs for another day. At least my hands and the arthritis in general is being good,the weather has been so nice to me the last couple of days…I can’t wait for the dog days of summer, I always feel pretty great in the warmest months. Ahhhh, summer is on the way.
Have a good one all,
Raw & Radiant,
Live Your Life Out Loud
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