New Art- Natural State

Natural State oils by HMBT 2009
Natural State oils by HMBT 2009


‘Natural State’

36″ x 24″


The quote that goes with the work:

“Born alone to escape thoughts conceived within a dying star.”

 ~Jordan Couch

Hello everyone,

this is my newest work, completed for the Artist Challenge “Sun for CBS Morning Show” It’s my version of the sun, in all it’s intense, messy glory. The background is a black/blue over turquoise and marbled to look alive and vibrant, not a flat black.

The sun itself is 5 colors of red from rust, o fire engine and orange and three shades of yellows. Laid in over each other in layers, the colors shine and meld together in a very excited manner. As it should be, we are talking about the surface of our sun, after all.

I had a lot of fun working on this one, I think that shows through, my joy in being able to do what I was put here to do…paint!

I hope you all enjoy this new work, and that you are all having a great day.

More later….and this work will be up for sale on the web site today, so if it’s meant to be yours, just hit the link below and shop away. Don’t forget that I offer interest free art lay-a-way too!


Live Out Loud, buy some art from a living artist today

This work is now a part of the CBS News Sunday Morning Shows Library! Yippeee for me! I can’t wait for it to be shown on TV as part of the show. 🙂



  1. New Art- Natural State
    April 23, 2009

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  2. Jordan Couch
    May 2, 2009

    Thank you for being inspired by the combination of words that I put together a few years ago. I feel honored to be linked to your art. I hope that your art will inspire many people. So, does this mean that if either one of us gets super famous, the other will also benefit? Smiles from Saint Petersburg, Russia (2 MAY 2009, 6:36PM, Moscow Time).


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