It is this love that keeps us alive

“Heart Felt”#3 in the Interaction Series
9″ X 12″
oils, mixed media, glass, acrylics
on canvas board
Click on image to see large
The passages of text in the painting say:
At the top: I am Burning. If anyone lacks tinder,
let him set his rubbish ablaze with my fire.
At the bottom: Let us bear with magnanimity
whatever it is needful for us to bear.
I have been working hard on the issues around my ability to trust,
to be totally scared poop-less,
and learning what “letting go” really means.
This painting stared as an experiment with a new technique
I am working with, floating acrylics on top of oils…
and well to be honest the work took over.
The mediums told me where to go,
my fingers and brain felt along,
not knowing if any of the things
I was working with were going to work together,
most importantly because it breaks all the rules.
You can not mix oil and water…
proven in science again and again.
Yet that is the truth of my life.
Floating oils and waters running deep
the continuation of my growth…
of my understanding of myself.
This is a work of release, beautiful in color,
rich in texture, medium, tone…
and proof of my willingness to interact with my
I am willing to listen and able to learn,
but I still have to do it my way…
and that’s what makes me different,
not average…
that’s what brings my soul and spirit
together in a joyful union of understanding.
I hope you enjoy it too,
Happy V- Day everyone. :0)

Have a great day!

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