Last New Work of 2008-Economic Terrorism

'Economic Terrorism, the life and times of Cansino Captialism'
'Economic Terrorism the life and times of Casino Captialism'


Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Quote by Thomas Jefferson


Happy New Year Every One!

This is the last completed work of 2008, I finished it late last night, so I dated it and even gave it a time stamp too. 🙂

‘Economic Terrorism, the life and times of Casino Capitalism’

Also known as Bail Out Bob.

24″ x 36″

Mixed media and oils on canvas

Finished sides, comes ready to hang and needs no frame.

Not yet on the web site, please email me for more information, work is available for purchase.

So…remember a few posts back I was talking about the Bail Out Bob painting that my whole family helped me work on? Well, this is the painting. I don’t think he needs much explanation…he is what he is, and the quote pretty much sums it all up for this family’s take on the last 8 years of life in America. Whew…glad that’s [almost] over.  We had a lot of fun doing this work together as a family, it was a good way for us all to release the toxic tensions of the last year and try like hell to remain positive about our futures, both individually and as a family. It’s been a tough year for us, we have lost jobs, savings, housing, money. We thought about it and decided that we really had not lost all that much, not more than a lot of good people out there have, so we feel pretty good afterall…no doom and gloom around here, we are just happy we made it. We did make it, and we helped a lot of other people along the way this year to make it too. We may not be able to help the nation or the War or the economy, but we can and do help our neighbors, the people that our lives come into contact with, in whatever way we can. That means we have lost nothing of our true natures or ourselves, and no government can ever take that away from us, our choice to be who we are. We are rich beyond compare.

So…I thought I would rage against the Man when I was done with this painting…and I don’t feel like it anymore. That’s some good art right there buddy, let me tell you. I feel ready to bounce into the new year, ready and prepared for what may come. Good and the Bad…we will meet it head on…with art, and love and determination to continue to be the very best we can be, no matter the world circumstance.


Have a great year every one, love well, be loved, and spread that around where you can. Because as the last year has shown us….Love [and a job] is all you need. 🙂


Save the World, Shop Local

This is the perfect ending to my post, be well and laugh!

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  1. jafabrit
    January 1, 2009

    Great painting and family project. I hope to see a much different painting at the end of this year 🙂

    all the best to ya jafakitty


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