New Work- The Center Truth-Happy New Year

The Center Truth-original oil painting by HMBT copyright 2008
The Center Truth-original oil&acrylic painting by HMBT copyright 2008


close up
close up


close up
close up


paint detail
paint detail


Happy Almost New Year to everyone. “)

This is my newest dry work.

‘The Center Truth’

24″ x 30″ x 2″

Oils and acrylics and some other stuff that I can’t remember.

Thick box canvas, painted sides, needs no frame, comes ready to hang.

I have not imported it into the web site yet, but I will. The next couple of days, we as a family are taking off. We all have a few days and we are going to enjoy and ease into the New Year quietly. I am working on a new project, filming myself painting…OK, it’s harder than it looks. Oh boy. Our boys and Mate Man are going to finish eating all the holiday foods, play football and video games and do my bidding when needed. We are just staying home, but it feels like a vacation because I get to take two whole days off from my day jobs. I get to play in studio, Yippeeee!

I have documented all the authors of the quotes on the painting, this time I didn’t write the names on the canvas, I could not figure out how to do it without it looking weird. So, I wrote all of it on the back of the painting  and I’ll give a copy printed out to the new owner too. ( when it finds it’s new owner) I’m really into text right now…well, a week ago I was, I’m now onto other things, but I have a few paintings waiting for final details that are from that 3 week love affair with words as art. It happens. I hope to finish them all and get to share with you all new work real soon. I have been working a lot, I have four works waiting, two new ones started and my Mom duty as well as having two income producing jobs. I am really looking forward to a New Year, just for the energy boost if nothing else.

I hope this post finds you all well, you may see me soon lurking and commenting on your blogs and such soon. I’ll have time to connect again and I plan to make visits with some of my free time.

Love to all,


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  1. Sandra
    December 31, 2008

    Hi, this is a great piece to be looking at as we see the start of a new year. And it looks great! How do you get your words so clear on what looks like canvas? Looks fab.


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