Music for the SOUL

Check these KIDS out. They blow my mind. When I was just a little kid, we used to go to all the Bluegrass festivals and shows that traveled the south. My family was huge, over the top, into all kinds of music and I was a dedicated dancer. This music is complicated, rich and surprisingly addictive. It makes you want to get up, move, it’s the only way you can listen to good hard core Bluegrass is to do it on your feet. Yelling, and screaming, stomping your boot heels and waving around like you just don’t care. I saw the divine often at open air music festivals, spinning and dancing like a crazy girl child to music that spilled forth from the soul of the south. It was great. When I saw this amazing video from Brooklyn, and these boys are 15 at the time…I totally fell in love. The second viewing brought forth the booty shaking and now I’m hooked. Check them out and then tell me that they are not pure joy and genius. I bet the house you won’t be able to do it…the talent and joy is infectious.
Have a great day everyone, and shake that Money Maker…that’s what the good Lord gave it to you for. 🙂
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  1. bluejude
    December 19, 2008

    COOOOL BEANS! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend! It’s like a winter wonderland here. YAY!


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