New Art Auctions Studio liquidation begins and New Work

New Art Auctions, reduced prices and no reserves. Several fine artwork originals now under 100.00. The Web Site is being price slashed (a least every painting has been educed in price by 50% some less some more, please still feel free to make offers) for the season, see what’s going on HERE. I am also offering large discounts for multiple purchases. I am also open to any offers. I am willing to work hard to make it easy to live with investment art in these hard economic times.

People, I can’t make them any cheaper than this! I need art supplies in the worst way, help a supply deprived artist out and bid today!

Here’s a link to make it easy 🙂


If you see something on my web site that you like, please feel free to make me an offer or take advantage of my art lay-a-way! No other artist will work harder to make it easy for you to live with Fine Art Originals!

You deserve the real thing, and I deserve some supplies so I can make more art.

See, it’s a win-win.

Blue Moon Garden by Heather Brown Truman 2008
Blue Moon Garden by Heather Brown Truman 2008






This is my newest work, Blue Moon Garden.

24″ x 18″


To see more about this work or to purchase it CLICK HERE.

Here is the quote for this work:


Woman hears an ancient song in her breast and remembers what man has long forgotten. She still knows where Santa lives. She can still lead her little ones to where the unicorn and undine play with gnome and elf, where the water-gods enchant fairyfolk she knows the poetry of the wind. She is a sorceress and as she passes by, fauns begin to whisper to the leprechauns that she can still tell the tale of the moon goddess on a full moon night. Blessed be she indeed for she is mystery, she knows the magic of God. A world only beknown to her and little children. The World of love.

Source: God I Am: From Tragic to Magic, Page: 149….151

I hope you enjoy my little secret garden, I had fun working on it and more than anything I wish for that to show.

Buring oil painting by Heather Brown Truman 2008
Burning oil painting by Heather Brown Truman 2008

I also finally added a web page for the painting Burning, everyone liked it so much that I thought it was probably time to do something with it. Check it out HERE.

Have a great day,


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You Save the World! Be a super hero today is some ones life. 🙂


  1. jafabrit
    October 22, 2008

    What a beautiful painting. All the best with the Art Auction.

    Send me a pic and I will post it on the jafa website jafa club.

  2. Vikki North
    October 23, 2008

    I really like New Moon Garden. It’s just fun and full of life.
    Good luck with the auction.

  3. Austin
    October 27, 2008

    First off, the composition of New Moon Garden is tremendous. I like how one flower points to the soft soothing blue circle. For some reason my heart just rests at peace with this painting. The lighting on this is beautiful too. I like the way you did the green through the blue. The painting moves a lot but it does so like music…….

    As much as I paint and draw I have to say I don’t have a lot of art in my house. I don’t have it because I need calm things and my own art isn’t that calm but New Moon Garden is one I think I’d like in my own home. This is wonderful.

    In Burning I like how the women stretch up like trees. Very symbolic and very beautiful.



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