Thinking Small is killing us-repost from 9/2005-still relevant

Blown Away oil/mixed media painting HMBT 2005
Blown Away oil/mixed media painting HMBT 2005

 I wrote this right after hurricane Katrina…I find my views have not changed and my feeling are just as raw today…so please read on and I’d love to hear your thoughts too. The work above was sold to a private collector and all the proceeds from that sale went directly to a family in need right after the hurricane.
Thinking Small is Killing Us

In this turbulent time, in this pain filled time, we are the seers of our generation. The visionaries that have not only been able to see the path but describe the way there and back. I am such a visionary, I know one way there and I just want to show you the view from here.
What can you share? Where is your vision leading you? Do you have any answers? What are your questions? What are your fears? What is your reality?
Where is Your Anger?

This is my marker, claiming my rightful place in this reality and it’s my way of explaining myself to this world, and explaining this world to myself, too.

In the coming days, please consider what we, as human beings, are.
Who are we?
Who do we love and who we are loved by?

In these times of grief, overwhelming anger, greed, and grave darkness, I just want to reach you. Communicate how important it is to me that we just think as humans, not as political parties, races, genders, religions.
Just human beings
with the same goals when it comes right down to it,
Survival and the ability to continue our lives in a way that is pleasing to us as individuals and as a great people.

“Thinking small is what is killing us”
That’s what I heard last night on the television from an exhausted rescue worker in the South.

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

People want so badly to continue in these old worn out ways of doing things. We are holding on to the world tightly, demanding that our view is the REAL world.
And it is.

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

We are so lost in the addictions of this present reality and the great fears that have been fostered in our cultures, in our every day lives, that we are now paralyzed by the choices.
Do we continue on our individual paths watching from the sidelines, waiting to know when to jump in and commit to being the change we want to see in the world?
Thinking Small is Killing Us.

I can’t wait, there is no time to wait; we don’t have the luxury of waiting. Crisis is on the march, chaos is reigning supreme and change is in the air. It’s coming on the tail of a hurricane, and riding the ground swell of negative emotions that have been building on themselves for decades. Being born and dying in the same grim realities over and over again, single cells in a great mechanism riddled with the cancers of apathy, indifference and violence.

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

There is a swelling, and a growth and it’s moving rapidly across our country, like a collective coma patient, reawakening to a nightmare reality where all the sci-fi movies have come to life, taken over and become real.
Where starving, panicked, dying, angry survivors of a national disaster are treated first to TV cameras, and then to food, water, and troops with shoot-to-kill orders.

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

I don’t see black people on rooftops, I see human beings. I don’t see disaster victims, I see human beings that are in trouble. What can I give to help them?

Thinking Small is Killing Me.

I can give nothing tangible, because I too am an economic slave, a coma patient waking to my reality.
Don’t look up, we may drown in the tide that is coming; don’t look up, many of us won’t be able to afford to drive our cars to work in 10 days or less. Don’t look up, we may not be able to afford to buy the food that is going to be in short supply soon. Our children will be affected.
Don’t look up at the future that is rushing to meet us,
Reality is changing.
Can’t you feel it?

Thinking Small is Killing Me.

This is not about who we are; it’s about where we are in this chain of slavery. It’s about Taxation without Representation.
It’s about your family.
It’s about your immediate survival and well-being.
It’s about you
Being an Economic Slave.
It’s about time we woke up.

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

This is our home, these are our people, and these are our elected officials. This is our money being spent; this is your money being spent.
You regular people, you white collar people, you students, you single parents, you healthcare providers, you small business owners,
You retired people,
You work hard to keep your family alive and prospering, you carry the load of the nations debts and dictators. It’s your children they are collecting information about without your permission.
Gender doesn’t matter anymore, and they want all of our 16-25 year-olds personal information, so they can call them at lunch time and tell them they have been drafted into a war, or a national police force. Yet another price the economic slaves are responsible for paying for the government complex.
Bodies to them are humans that we love and lose in the name of what?

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

Protecting our status as good taxpayers, who have been socially conditioned to believe that there is nothing we can do to change the present state of affairs. Who have been conditioned to want to continue in the path laid out for us to follow, taught that this is the real world, this is your significance.
The American Dream now equals Economic Slavery.

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

We won’t even have the right to object soon, we will be too worried about how to get enough spare change together to put gas in our cars to continue to be able to go to work and find food that we can afford to feed our children. We will be too busy trying to survive to make a difference, too scared to push back, we as a people will no longer be able to hide the truth of our slavery from ourselves, and many of us will not make the transition easily.

Thinking Small is Killing Us.

We cannot afford to wait until something happens to us personally to do something about our present state of affairs.
It has already happened, it’s been happening, it’s here.
I ask you where is your anger?
Where is your pride?
Where is your humanness?
We, like the alphabet, can be one single letter standing alone,
or united we can become a Undeniable Statement of Truth and

We have dirty work ahead, and part of that is to put a stop to the current crisis that is building.
Civil War, Race War, Economic War, Marshal Law for our own good,
Call it what you like.
I’m just saying that to defend ourselves against a corrupt government takes a lot of people to first agree that that is what they all want to do, agree to a new reality. It also means we all have to agree to be awakened to the present reality, to the reality that we have no control, we have no great power, if we act
My First step is to reach out and state, I am one such person. I am willing to join together with other humans and push this false dream, this lie, into a dark distant past because,

Thinking Small is Killing Us.
copyright 2005


  1. MRE
    October 11, 2008

    The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum.HenryHavelockEllisHenry Havelock Ellis

  2. cynthia
    October 19, 2008

    This is still very relevant and I couldn’t agree more! Great post, Heather.


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