Daily Art- New Work- Trapped in a womans body

aper collage with acrylic paint and laminated by Heather Brown Truman 7/08
paper collage with acrylic paint then laminated by Heather Brown Truman 7/08


Sometimes I feel like a Drag Queen Trapped in a Womans
Mixed Media laminated paper collage
8″ X 11″

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The Quotes that inspired the work:

“My facts shall be falsehoods to the common sense. I would so state facts that they shall be significant, shall be myths or mythologic. Facts which the mind perceived,
thoughts which the body thought – with these I deal.”
~Henry David Thoreau
“The first thing that strikes the careless observer is that women are unlike men, they are ‘the opposite sex’ (though why ‘opposite’ I do not know; what is the neighboring sex’?). But the fundamental thing is that women are more like men than anything else in the world.”
~Dorothy Sayers
“Let us not hesitate to be the messiahs of our age.”
~Lucretia Mott
I am a Woman. I am a Human. I am More than a Gender. I am simply just
We are all at
the epoch of non-gender thinking. We are Human, and we could all be so much more To find the truth of ourselves, sometimes you must go inside to find your way out. I love Drag Queens, I always have, they are some of the bravest and most loving people I have ever known. Strong, beautiful and talented these humans have always been powerful hero personalities for me. I honor them in this work.
Besides, they will take off a shoe and beat you to death with it, in a heartbeat. They are warriors of the light. So, watch yourself. 🙂

The text at her elbow reads:
“Nuer warrior in ceremonial costume: the Nuer believe in an omnipotent God who is responsible for good fortune and for bad, who is in the sky but is also on earth with man.  Man is God’s opposite, the created as against the creator, but his ‘breath’ or ‘life’ comes from God and returns to God again after death.”



I hope your day is full of Wonder and Joy, thanks for being here today.

On a side note, my two best girlfriends in this world are celebrating their birthdays yesterday and today. Stop by and tell them happy birthday won’t you, I’d love to see them both over run with well wishes. Tell them Heather sent you. *Big Grins*

Happy Birthday Dina!  Happy Birthday Vikki! All my love to you both.




  1. cynthia
    July 16, 2008

    Fantastic collage, Heather. Though I didn’t see it until I clicked on the text link.

    I’ve been to a drag show back in DC at least 16 years ago and was so fascinated – they were impersonating celebrities and it was quite good.

  2. badkittyartstudio
    July 16, 2008

    Good to see you Cynthia, thanks for stopping by. On one of our first dates I took Mate Man (who had never been in a queer bar before, let alone around 6’6″ drag queens) to one of my favorite places in Ybor City. They knew me there (Oh yeah, BAD! Kitty used to be Soooooo bad!) In the middle of the dance floor, we had to be one, of maybe two straight couples there. (Well Mate Man was straight I was still batting for the other team at the time) One of my favorite queens came on stage and did her song, in the middle of it she spotted me with M.M. and came off the stage, down to the floor and with her huge red lips walked right up to Mate Man and planted a kiss on top of his very bald head. Those lip marks stayed there for almost a week! Mate Man laughed and danced with all my friends and all my queens. He was a hit! They loved him, that was one of the first times I thought I might be able to love him too.

    He never once ever thought twice about mixing it up with all those high stepping, southern queens. He just had a great time and I did too. *sigh* I love my man. 🙂 There are not enough gays in KY!! 🙁

  3. jafabrit
    July 17, 2008

    oh, hum, yes I love the quotes, and yes, why are we the opposite sex LOL!

    Beautiful work 🙂

  4. Rob
    July 17, 2008

    Did you go to school @ UML? Artwork #50?

  5. Dina Kerik
    July 18, 2008

    Heather Beauty!

    Thank you for remembering our B’Days!! I had a very quiet and uneventful day and am celebrating with various friends this weekend and beyond.


  6. Kalliope Amorphous
    July 20, 2008

    This post resonated with my heart!
    When I was doing performance poetry, one of the lines in my bio read “a self-described drag queen trapped in a womans body.” Even in my current bio I list them among my heroes. One thing I miss about living in NYC….

    You always offer up the best quotes. I always find myself wanting to write them down or paste them somewhere for remembering later.

    This piece is utterly gorgeous.

    *~soul hugs~*


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