Daily Art- New Work- Fracture Point

Fracture point by Heather Brown Truman abstract oil painting

Full painting

Eye Detail

Nose & Mouth detail

fratcure point by Heather Brown Truman

‘Fracture Point’

18″ x 24″ x 2″ (extra thick box canvas)

Back stapled, needs no frame, ready to hang

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The quote that inspired this work:

“The soul-which I’m defining as our capacity for these deeply positive human qualities-is something that, in most of us, desperately needs to be developed. Too many of us live in a fractured state, deeply divided against ourselves-often far more so than we are aware of or able to feel. We exist in a self-generated vacuum of moral ambiguity, where everything is relative and our attention is focused mainly on our emotional state. Most of us know a lot more about what really matters than we are willing to live up to. Indeed, we are attracted to that which is beautiful, profound, and meaningful but find ourselves lacking the soul strength to really struggle, to engage in a life-and-death wrestling match with our own division, cynicism, and inertia. The awful truth is that it is just easier for us not to care that much. In order to care that much, we have to be willing to feel a connection with life that is so deep that it hurts. We have to be ready to step onto the field of our own experience in a way that is authentic, unconditional, and deeply committed-to embrace a kind of fearless vulnerability where our transparency is our strength and the living experience of connection is permanent, unbroken, and inescapable.”

‘Fracture Point’ is about the emotional attachment to the world of things. I had the chance just last night (at 2 am in the morning in fact) to learn again how to let go of things that do not define me as a human being. I am a very light sleeper, and I have insomnia that is very problematic. So getting a good nights sleep for me is crucial to my everyday emotional landscape. (It also helps to keep people from getting blow torched by my bad moods because I am over tired). OK, long story short…
The doorbell rings at 2 am, it’s the Repo guy here to take back the car that we can’t pay for since Mate Man lost his job three months back now. Was I ashamed or shamed in any way that my car was being repossessed? Not at all. Why would I be?
The guy wanted to know if we needed to get anything from the car before he took it. We told him no, gave him the keys and said thanks. He was shocked, I imagine in his line of work people don’t usually respond in a helpful manner to him taking their car in the middle of the night. In the south, you might even get shot having such a job. After that I could not go back to sleep and I had already started this work, so I thought why not finish it? I mean while I have the emotional learning thing going on. So, we lost a car, not the worst thing that could happen. Not at all. Now I have less overhead with the cost of the car and more room in my driveway. All good things. Credit destruction…I laugh at that…I have not had good credit in so long that I don’t remember what that was even like. I don’t use credit for the most part in my life anyway, I work on a cash basis, so it’s not the worst thing ever. When we lost our farm and business 6 years back we had no debt except for the home and business loans…so when we went under, so did our credit rating. Whatever. 🙂
I kept working on my painting, letting the shock of being woke up in that manner seep out of me. I realized that I was creating a work to heal myself before I “knew” that I would need the healing.
I am what I am. I am OK and I am enough. I painted Fracture Point to remind myself, that the world only has power over my life, if I let it. I have the ability to take something that looks broken on the outside and make it a thing of beauty even in it’s imperfection.
Life is hard. Death I don’t fear, it’s the living that sometimes scares me to death. LOL So, I paint it out. I paint out the fear. I paint out the conclusions. I paint out the discovery. I paint out the love. Let me make it clear…
I paint out the love.
I paint to remember that the opposite of fear is not courage, it’s love. I am what I am, I do what I want and I will not hide that truth. I am whole and I am fractured too. It’s the way we put it all together that makes it [a life] a thing of beauty, or a train wreck. I am all about the beauty.
I hope you are all having a great day, and thanks for reading.


  1. Helen
    June 3, 2008

    Very nice work! The colors are fantastic!

  2. Gail Alexander
    June 4, 2008

    I have just been viewing, and enjoying your painting. I am very impressed by your use of color, shape, and line. The colors seem to have an inner glow, especially the light blue color which seems to cast reflected light from behind the face. I enjoy how you create the illusion of flat shapes next to shapes that look three dimensional. All the variety of shapes, boldly outlined, seem to gradually blend together into a whole, and then start once again to fall apart again, then come together, than fall apart again…. I find the eyes really fascinating. They seem to take on a life of their own, and teeter-totter off balance. They also have an inner light or life force that seems to want to only peek at the world from a safe distance behind the lids. Your painting really captures my attention and imagination!

    Thanks for sharing your story behind the painting. I, too, due to circumstances seemingly beyond my control, am slowly waking up from the middle class brainwashing that keeps us in our role as “good consumers.” AS Bob Dylan sings, “Things they are a-changing©.”

  3. badkittyartstudio
    June 4, 2008

    Hi Helen, thanks so much!

    Gail: Wow, thank you for telling me all the things you saw in this work. It is always nice when people share their experience with me about my work. It helps to see it with new eyes and the critical details that you shared were great, I really appreciate the time and effort you took with your comment. It means a lot. Yes, times are tough but hey…we can all change that for ourselves and the world as a whole if we just, like the Beatles said “we had a little help from our friends”.
    Pray for peace.
    Heather (a not so secret agent for change)

  4. San
    June 4, 2008

    Heather, this painting reminds me of stained glass. Now that I’ve read your beautiful manifesto, I see the painting as a stained glass window in the sanctuary of what’s inside you. A traditional church may have a stained glass window depicting the crucifixion to remind us of past suffering,. Your window in the sanctuary that is inside you reminds you of past fragmentation.

  5. badkittyartstudio
    June 4, 2008

    San, you take my breath away. Thanks. I needed those words today, and I’m glad they came from you. 🙂

  6. Kalliope Amorphous
    June 5, 2008

    This is so beautiful, and the story behind it is so inspiring. My first impression of this image before reading the story was how the physical body is so impermanent and unreal. You have the gift of embracing the beauty of this dream drama we call life.

  7. Cedar Lee
    June 5, 2008


    Yay! Your link is now up in my blogroll. I’m glad to be associated with you–you’re a stellar artist!


  8. badkittyartstudio
    June 5, 2008

    Kalliope: Thanks…you know what? I wish I could have a better hobby than just being good at surviving, {have the gift of embracing the beauty of this dream drama we call life} and that’s the truth sistah. Like I don’t know, maybe shitting golden eggs or something useful. LOL
    I do so very much appreciate your words and honest emotion, you rock! I’m very glad I know you, even if it’s through our words and art, you are special to me. If I ever get up there where you are…we have to get together and have a beer or coffee or something, you are my kind of people. 🙂

    Cedar: your link is up on my blog too, I’m glad to be getting to know you better too, your art is great too!

  9. cynthia
    June 5, 2008

    Wow, what a rude awakening. Repo man sort of had some nerve for showing up at 2am. I wonder what his thinking was?

    Your response was very graceful and now look at the visual treat we get to see as a result of your insomnia.

  10. gypsy-heart
    June 9, 2008

    Heather…there is strength in your words. I have to ask was that your only vehicle?

    You may not want to hear this from an “elder” and at 54 I am, but such times in my past are what made me strong!! Once you have been “there” nothing can destroy your spirit. I see your strong spirit is revealed by painting this piece.

    You will be fine my dear…I have NO doubt! As another survivor I know, my 101 Grandmother said to me some years ago:

    “This too will pass my dear”

    I was a young wife and mother..my husband walked out on us and I suddenly I became a single mother with a four year old daughter. I borrowed her old car to find a job because he took our only car. You know she was SO right it did pass and I not only survived…I thrived!

    You will too…I feel it in your energy! Besides such beautiful art comes from the struggles and passion of living…eh?

    Sending love and peace of heart to you and yours!

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