Daily Art- New Work- 5th Dimension

5th dimension

5th Dimension

Full painting/sculpture

5th dimension

close up

5th dimension

close up

5th dimension


5th dimension

Full work again

5th Dimension

24″ x 32″ x 2″ (thick box canvas)

Plaster, mixed media and oils

Needs no frame, ready to hang

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Here are the two quotes that shaped this work:


“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

Dr. Seuss (1904 – 1991)


“I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.”

Willa Cather (1873 – 1947)
Source: O Pioneers 1913
This work…ahhhh, this work. I’ve been working on this canvas for about a year now. I’ve plastered it several times, added skeleton leaves, stained it, sanded it, stained it again, gessoed over it, started all over and ended up here. That’s how it got it’s name…5th dimension. Fifth times a charm. The Tree has always been in there, I’ve painted it three times. I had to actually get out my internal master gardener and take a look at this tree. It was a hot mess. Limbs criss crossing, jumbled, tied and knotted.
I had to untangle the branches, prune away the dead useless wood and discover the original thought, the original vision, the original tree. I wiped away limbs ruthlessly, pruning a tree is not a job for the meek, it takes a bush whacking mentality sometimes to get to the heart of things. Ruthlessly healthy is what I call it. I let the tree awaken. It’s not the prettiest tree, but rarely is beauty visible to the eye.
It is growing, newly untangled it will be weak for a year or two; standing up to wind and rain. Leaving the lowest branches intact will help to strengthen the trunk again. They will be pruned away soon enough, by the world. Wind will push against the tree, new naked limbs will thrash, the beauty is that they will remain flexible and strong, the thrashing will strengthen the whole tree from tip top to smallest root fiber. It will bend. It’s bark will heal itself and seal of fresh wounds to the outer world, and it will become more resistant to pests and predators.
It will grow and live.
It will bloom green life, it will create oxygen again,
it will be a wonder for humans to find.
In the golden light of that future day,
this tree stands. Unashamed of the scars, the twisting turning of it’s strong limbs, unapologetic for being able to give what humans need, a testament, a home, a history, a path, a religion, a fire, a chair, a tool,a hiding place, a calender, or a meal…a life.
The magic of understanding and being understood.
Your belief is not necessary for magic to exist.
Your understanding, evolution, needs and desires are not important in the sands of time.
Life in every form is a miracle. Unexplainable. undefinable, unknown.
One fact we do know, and this with out a doubt,
Life always finds a way.
I hope you like the new work and that you have a great day.
the fine print:
5th dimension
24″ x 32″ x 2″
plaster, mixed media, oils
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  1. sara
    March 6, 2008

    Ahhhh…this is just what I needed to see, and to read. The day started out kind of chaotic, and looking at this piece, reading what inspired it, reading about all the pruning, well, it does a heart good. I can now go about my day with a happy heart knowing that whatever created the chaos, is not important. It is now dissipated and I can breath a big sigh of relief and knowing that this tree will live gives me much peace. thank-you for sharing this and taking the time to write the whole story about this tree.

    I hope you have an awesome day!

  2. badkittyartstudio
    March 6, 2008

    Thanks Sara! I hope your day is smooth as silk from here on out. 🙂

  3. jafabrit
    March 6, 2008

    What a GREAT title, I just loved exploring all the layers, and I bet it is smashing in the real.

    Such a beautiful story about the tree.

  4. San
    March 6, 2008

    I believe you have painted The Tree of Life, Heather.

    Great bushwhacking too!

  5. Cynthia
    March 7, 2008

    I love this: “I had to get out my internal master gardner….” What a perfect metaphor!

    I wish I could just touch it a moment – it looks like you’ve created some fabulous texture.

  6. Kris Cahill
    March 7, 2008

    Beautiful work, and beautiful words too! I love being able to see the texture of this surface, and enjoyed reading your description of the process.


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