Daily Art- Summers Goddess

Full Painting

close up

detail shot

Detail shot

Detail of the swans

“Summers Goddess”

24″ x 36″


Side stapled canvas that has finished (painted) sides

ready to hang

$285.00 + 45.00 shipping to anywhere inside USA


Thank you C.Reed! It’s going to be heading your way Monday afternoon! Thank you for your support, I can’t tell you how much it means to me and my family! Yippppeeeee! Thank you 🙂

Here are the Quotes that go with the work:

O Goddess Earth, O all-enduring wide expanses! Salutation to thee. Now I am going to begin cultivation. Be pleased, O virtuous One.

~Ancient Sanskrit Prayer
Which is the woman, which the child? The joyous laugh that opens doors, steals sugared moments from the shelf? Or the dreamer mixing metaphors with tears to make a book of self To read aloud in winter’s rooms When summer’s sounds have ceased to bloom?
The Story: (so, settle in)
This work started out so long ago…
My Birth Mother, she gave me a print, I got to meet her and get to know her briefly in my teens…that would have been almost 19 years ago now. [side note…egads!] This is the image in essence that I have carried with me for all those years. It reminds me of her like nothing else. I rarely hang it in my home spaces anymore…but I have it in storage still to this day.

So, for this painting, one day in late summer last year, I was working with clients, siting on the back porch. I was talking to a client and was absorbed in her issue, the act of problem solving, and I started drawing while I was talking to her.
This image.
It’s not really like the original print, I mean all the elements are there, but I stretched out the original in my minds eye, and the sun’s rays became a sun flower, golden, full of rich promises. The woman became a goddess awakening from the longest slumber, to come fully awake to her reality, life returning only while basking in that sunny promise. Greeting her downy soft white swans and the lotus, just closing for the morning heat, gaze at her, one eyed and knowing. In her bronze mirror she watches as her world defines and colors itself, at her whim, because of her, for her pleasure. A state of grace, her own grace, her rules, her own understanding, the veil lifts….she can allow colors of life to touch her again…so she is painted in gray scale with touches of light yellow, very subtle. She is caught in the act of becoming, awakening, and discovering herself pale and in need of attention. She boldly steps into the lake, pulls an open lotus from the mud and muck, places it against her pale skin and dark unruly hair and admires what is happening to her in the present, the gift of a safe…fully aware moment in time.

I hope you enjoy her.
May your day be full of discovery and adventure.
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  1. cynthia
    April 5, 2008

    Hey Heather, great painting! It has a very art nouveau feel to it.

  2. sara
    April 6, 2008

    Heather once again you amaze me with the richness of this painting. wonderful!

  3. Kalliope Amorphous
    April 6, 2008

    Wow. LOVE HER!!!!

  4. Leah Whitehorse
    April 6, 2008

    Gorgeous painting. I love the real shine and strength of the sun compared to the delicate beauty of the swans. Lovely!

  5. gypsy-heart
    April 6, 2008

    She is beautiful..I love the swans and the entire composition!

  6. Crazycath
    April 6, 2008

    Wow that is beautiful. I love the commentary also. It is nice to know the history behind a painting. You are very talented and express yourself well in your art. I can see what you describe there and it made me look closer.

    I came over from San’s (another talented artist!) and congratulations on your award.


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