Art for the day- Abandon

18″ X 24″
Charcoal on canvas with a poly top coat for protection
Finished sides, ready to hang.

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Quotes about reality:
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)
“The dream reveals the reality which conception lags behind, that is the horror of life, the terror of art.”
~Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924)
One of my favorite Zen puzzles, otherwise known as koans, is:
“Things are not as they seem, nor are they otherwise.”
It’s a reminder that life always has two sides.
The side of personal perception is the way things seem to us from the position we’re looking from.
Every vantage point has its built in biases and is never the whole picture.
The other side is the whole picture that includes everything beyond what we see – beyond what they seem.
The answer to this and most koans is that there is no way out.
Our view is always limited by the point in time and space we’re in.
This view is always real, valid, and accurate for what it is.
And there is always more.
This explains why we are smarter together;
that truth lives in the intersection of curiosity and conversation.
Things are not what they seem, nor are they otherwise.
I tell you this:
There is no coincidence, and nothing happens “by accident.”
Each event and adventure is called to your Self by your Self in order that you might create and experience Who You Really Are.
All that is required is to know this.
For you are the creator of your reality,
and life can show up no other way
for you than that way in which you think it will.
It is what you think it, what you make of it, and what you desire it to be. Therefore…working towards one definition is a futile process for me as an individual.
I want to explore and learn and fail.
That’s what makes me feel alive.
I used to think it was some kind of failure inside myself that I could not just pick one thing to loose myself in.
Not one subject matter has been able to hold my passions forever.
The discovery of new things is what fuels the journey I am on as an artist and a human.
I am saying I want to create my own world and I no longer believe that is pie-in-the-sky thinking.
Maybe I can do it all and that will be my personal style…to not have one at all. Well, that’s not true about style,
I have a style that is all my own…I understand that I am always going to do things my own way.
Hmmmm, I wonder what I will think of this tomorrow?
We shall see I guess.
We shall see.
Keep the faith, and have a great weekend!
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  1. Kathy Holmes
    July 20, 2007

    You always speak to me artistically. How you speak of your art, I feel about my writing.

  2. trish
    July 25, 2007

    I absolutely love Abandon. It has so much feeling to it. Actually, I love your work period. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m going to add you to mine.Trish

  3. lb
    July 29, 2007

    I love this painting!

  4. cynthia
    March 29, 2008

    I had a good laugh out of “buying art will enhance your sex life”!

    Charcoal on canvas sounds interesting.

  5. Vikki North
    March 29, 2008

    Beautiful drawing!
    I understand exactly what you’re saying. An agent I worked with told me that I should focus all my time on ‘the red chair series.’ It’s a good concept and universally appealing. I attempted to do that and quickly found myself exhausted, bored and stretching for new ideas. I need diversity. I need to paint flowers and fairies and God only knows what. It is only when I venture into other areas, genres and styles that the good ideas for the red chair appear.

    I’m working on one now. I find myself coming back to the red chair series with great enthusiasm and focus. The concept wasn’t my own. A new friend gave it to me. But, I’m making it my own and in my style of painting. Thank you Heather.

  6. badkittyartstudio
    March 29, 2008

    Cynthia: It’s True I swear!!! 🙂 And the charcoal on canvas is interesting, you can wet the charcoal to make the shading and all that, after the line is down. It’s when you go to seal it, you have to use a spray and stand way back or it will run. I ruined a few before I figured out how to preserve them.

    Vikki you alluring minx, you…now I can’t wait to see what happens in the world of the red chair. *Wicked Grins*
    And PS…no body ever tells me what to do with any amount of success….evah! *Even more wicked grins*

  7. Kalliope Amorphous
    March 30, 2008

    Perfect visual expression of the title. The figure reminds me of the archetypal goddess figure, and I love all of the shapes within shapes.

  8. bluejude
    March 30, 2008

    Love the neutral palette on this one! Happy Weekend to you too!

  9. San
    March 31, 2008

    “Abandon” is lilting and light. An artist who has abandoned herself to Spirit. Oh joy!


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