Daily Art- The Original BAD! Kitty Painting

BAD Kitty Series #1′
18″ X 24″
Plaster and Oils
on Canvas

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BAD! Kitty is the very first painting I did with plaster. It is also the painting that helped me to figure out all those years ago, what I wanted to name my art studio. I love the play on words of BAD! Kitty, being that I am a grrrrrl, and that my kitty was just a baby at the time and she insisted on walking on ever. single. painting. I did before they were dry. So, I found myself yelling NO! BAD! Kitty and chasing her down to clean her baby paws off. This painting even has a tiny baby kitty footprint on the bottom of it, it’s faint but…you’ll just have to look for it. 🙂 So, this kitty, he’s my BAD side, you know the one that stays up all night, sings in the moonlight (badly), smokes cigars, sleeps around, talks like a sailor, and is generally ill tempered during the full moon. He will also throw down in any back ally if you look at him crossed eyed or complain about his singing voice. He’s scruffy, and lovable and full of cat-attitude.

I’ve never offered him for sale before (at a reduced price I mean) because I love him living in the studio with me. I have started another painting just like him with a different kitty (a grrrrl kitty) and he’s telling me it’s ok for him to go live in a new place.

I hope you like him. 🙂

Have a wonderful, attitude of gratitude day ,



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  1. Vikki North
    March 22, 2008

    Look at all the support you’re getting here. You’re pretty amazing Heather.
    You’re honesty is the source. You always talk from the heart and that’s something to be valued. No one would put you down.

    Have you thought about having a ‘Sidewalk Art Sale’ on a street where you live? I don’t know what you weather is like now, but it’s done year around out here. (I have an artist friend who does it in Texas also.) Passers-by love it and they all stop to see what’s going on. When people can actually see and touch your work- they’re much more likely to purchase. I always think of it as a captured audience (or buyers, if you will).

    All you need is some sawhorses to lean large paintings or tables. It’s a lot of fun.
    I use to love doing that and I always sold. I had a friend that made stoneware pottery and she would bring her wares out with me. In fact we did so well, that Aaron Bros.
    ran us off for not having a ‘business license.’ They said we were taking away their
    Foot traffic. (Of course we just moved on down the street.)

    If you know other artist in your area, you could have them join you. The more work that’s displayed, the better. Saturday’s and Sunday’s (shopping days) are the best days to do it.

    Just a thought. All my best energy coming your way.

  2. cynthia
    March 22, 2008

    Heather – I loved reading the backstory of how you named your art business! I had no idea – it was a really good mental etch-a-sketch!


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