Daily Art- Waking the Soul Power

‘Waking the Soul Power’
24″ X 24″ X 2″
No frame needed gallery wrapped
with beaded, sea-green, fringe on the bottom.
International award winner for mixed media artwork,
Upstream People Gallery 2005
Here is the quote to go with this work:

“The Soul is tied to no individual, no culture,

no tradition, but rises fresh in every person,

beyond every person,

and grounds itself in a truth and glory that

bows to nothing

in the world of time and place and history.

We all must be,

and can only be,

“A light unto ourselves.”

~ Emerson


The Dream State Series started out of my need to understand my inner voice. I can hear it, beating a steady back-beat in my mind. I can feel it in my feet when I am dancing, creating; I am breathing fire.
I closed my eyes and grabbed a handful of plaster, and this is what happened. First I sculpted her face on top of the canvas and let that dry for a couple of days. While the plaster was still wet I embedded vintage lace into it in the background. Then I used more found objects, feathers, costume jewelry, and oil paints. Surrounding her face is 2.5 inches of thick black feathers, they stand out from the canvas/background and move freely in the air currents, she is always moving. She is also wearing a ceremonial crown of sorts of pearl shaped, stainless steel beads and crystals. I glazed her face several times with layers of thin, transparent color so she glows in the light, her skin is lightly textured; deeply rich in color and tone. This work is a painting and a hanging wall sculpture, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter.
This painting placed in the top five in an International Mixed Media Event, in 2005.
Waking the Soul Power is the face that I have given to my inner voice.
I guess my inner voice is a dark skinned, tribal warrior woman.
That works for me.
What does the face of your inner voice look like?
the fine print:
Waking the Soul Power
24″ x 24″ X 2″
mixed media & oils
Wall sculpture
$225.00 + Shipping
Please Email me HERE for purchase or for a free shipping quote to anywhere in the world.


  1. sara
    March 4, 2008


    I love this piece! It really jumped out at me when I was looking at your galleries. but, “she” has even more meaning now that I know about your inner soul work. i love the ethnic tribal theme. I think my inner soul may be Native American.

  2. bluejude
    March 4, 2008

    This one is way cool! LOVE the 3D effect and the fringe at the bottom. Now, we won’t even go into my dream state! Happy Tuesday!

  3. San
    March 5, 2008

    Waking the soul, power–YES! Take on that ceremonial crown, and dance! Fly, feathered one, to the back side of your soul.

    Great sculpture/painting/soul stimulator.

  4. gypsy-heart
    March 5, 2008

    Very spritual piece I can see why you won the award..congratulations!!.

    Hmmm…I think the “face of my inner voice” changes.. depending on the degree of the light within the darkness . 🙂


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