The Daily Art- The Carp Communion

Full painting
‘Carp Communion’
24″ x 36″
Ready to hang
Origianl artwork is now SOLD, Prints/cards now available at Red Bubble
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Hello lovelies!
Here’s the quote that inspired the work;
A little fish, overhearing a fisherman remark that water is essential to life, became panicky and swam desperately in search of water, until it reached the ocean and asked a wise old fish where it could find water. The old timer laughed and said, “Why, you’ve never been out of water. You’ve had water all the time, but you didn’t know it.” So it is with faith; you have it, it is with you. You simply have to realize and use it and it will grow.
I hope everyone is well.
I love feedback, so talk to me!
the fine print:
‘The Carp Communion’
24″ x 36″
Finished sides/ready to hang

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12 Replies to “The Daily Art- The Carp Communion”

  1. I’m really digging the new paintings and your stylized water lilies! You painting has a wonderful quality that I can’t put into words…

  2. Thanks Cynthia! I am liking the new stuff too…it’s been fun to return to what I know and work there again. The last couple of years I have been playing around with all kinds of stuff….and now I am ready to settle and get back to working on my collection. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Fabulous painting, Heather!! Congratulations on the sale. I like how you’ve done your site. Don’t you love Word Press?? It’s so nice to have separate pages. I like being able to comment and refer back to the post I am commenting on.

    There shall be mail delivered by a monkey.

  4. Thanks Kris, I was shocked at getting a new sale out of just switching to Word Press…it was because they could actually contact me and not have their computer freeze up. I do love WP, and am so glad to have made the transition. Funny thing we both picked the same templete nad changed over on the same day…intuitives unite! I can’t wait for a monkey mail! 🙂

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